Monday, March 1, 2010

Random items of interest..

Well, there is snow on the ground but I always get a little happier when it is March..It's gonna be in the mid-40's all week which isn't bad and March IS a spring month..Of course, realistically, I realize that it could be still freezing and even snowing in April..but I always feel better when winter is ending. I'm such a summer person-my goal is to one winter leave town and miss out on the fucking cold weather..I seem to travel only in the summer lately-and I like NYC in the summer. It's December, January, and February I can do without..

Anyway, I'm going to try to blog more in honor of spring..just not too much going on lately..The first pic is a flyer up at Ray's..It's for the benefit for him on March 8th at Theatre for the New City..My band is playing it, along with Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping, and a bunch of others..I'll post more about it before next week.

Then there's an awesome hobo having a ball in the window display at the store Obscura. That store has some really great vintage stuff in it-though I can't afford any of it right now. I love that hobo though.

Then I worked all weekend at Gimme Gimme's a fun job. i get paid well to listen to records all day and talk about music. Here's a pic of me working really hard. I'm swell. Last night a hassidic jew dressed like a scary clown ran in and gave me a basket of treats in honor of Purim.

Then I got some pics of Biker Bill at Ray's..holding the new delivery menu and showing off his shirt that says "Harbinger of Doom." It felt like spring at Ray's last night..a lot of the regulars were there.


  1. Surrealistic Pillow! Those were the days when bright colors and interesting visual trails were the result of some hip substance I'd ingested and not because I'd forgotten to put on my reading glasses!

    I heard an interview with the NC Chocolate Drops on 'Fresh Air' tonight. It was a good show with lots of music!

  2. Yeah that was my hippie work day. I played all shit from the 60's that I used to listen to..I even put on some Grateful Dead and then punched myself in the face.
    The Chocolate Drops have a new album out and are getting really big..they are awesome..I really like the stuff that Dom does solo too..He's great!

  3. your deserve to be punched for listening to the corprate hippies or at least a good beatin with a tye died sock full of shrooms !!

  4. Are you saying you DON'T want to shake it down Shakedown Street?

  5. You may not like winter but I dig those boots.