Saturday, March 20, 2010

Random Photos of Weird Shit.

Well here are some random photos in honor of the fact that it is now officially spring! And I'm not drunk! I just wandered around all day and ended up seeing Ghost Writer which wasn't as great as I expected it to be..Tomorrow is in the mid-70's. Are you LISTENING to me people??!!!! Hell yeah! Sure, it gets rainy and colder after that but i'll ignore that fact and it will go away...I love summer. I was outside for literally about 20 minutes today and immediately saw a dozen people I haven't seen since it got cold..That amount tripled when I hit the it love it love it love it...

Here's a pic of me and my most prized possession. The illustrious HANDCHAIR. I am going to paint it pink soon, since it's this ugly shade of bone/beige which reminds one of your granny's panties. Then there's King Missile playing at Bowery at the Tuli benefit last week..Thurston Moore was there too-he is exactly twice my size. EXACTLY. Then Taylor Mead spouting on about something or other which was funny..

Then some large carboard cut-out of some guy leaning on a tree on the street..I really had to resist the urge to bring that thing home and hang it in the lobby of my building. I think it would add that touch of class it desperately needs..Then there is Jessaica Delfino and some dancers performing My Pussy is Magic at Bowery which I thought was damn entertaining..And I couldn't resist a pic of the chinese restaurant called Lucky Wang..That's almost as good as Phucket Thai was..

Anycooch, that's it for now suckers! I predict lotsa shenanigans this week..and I can vend again soon-ish! That's always an experience..

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