Thursday, March 11, 2010

Irene Pann's art show at Cooper..

A few days ago, I went to my friend Irene Pann's closing show at Cooper..She is graduating and had a show in the basement with booze, cookies, videos, artworks and plaster sculptures..It was called Idol Worship/Idle worship with that being the theme..First pic is a Irene with the awesome car and plaster flowers around it..then a plaster guitar I kept touching because I thought it was styrofoam..then Irene with her dad..and there's our friend Horse next to Irene, our friend Muck's painting-Irene had other people's work in her show too-Muck and her sis Tanya..

Some pics of Irene and me and friends, the flyer for the show, some more of her art..The bloody prom queens are Tanya's work..with Charlotte Blythe being my fave out of those...There were also idol themed of which featured Elvis called and another which were entitled, "The power of American Wet Dreams."...hehehe..

I've been busy lately-or lazy and/or drunk but i'll be blogging a lot more now that it's spring kinda..I have all kinds of important shit to share with you all! Actually, I don't..I just want to ramble on and write about nothing and put up weird yeah, expect more of that..I think the paper The Observer will be running a story about Ray soon and maybe FOX news again-so Ray should be getting some more press soon..

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  1. The first one of Remi in front of her work with car, plaster roses, etc., is interesting. The car is a '59 T-Bird (that's a weird skill--to look at any pre-1975 car and know its make, model, year it was made--but I have money in it, though). The license plate is Cuba (of course, I could be imagining that as it is a little hard to make out); I don't know what the photo is in the corner of the piece (again, hard for my lousy vision to make out). Anyway, I think it is saying something Cuba about the time of the revolution (1959), or maybe her father was born there???