Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Headshots, Harlequinn and Pig.

Well, I got some headshots done this week..and thanks to photoshop and me managing to not blink for every photo, some of them came out okay. I mean, every background extra needs headshots..it's not everyday you get to see yourself on TV or in a film walking down the street all blurry-like..I have no new extra jobs this week so I joined UglyNY, which is now called The Agency..maybe this will help some. East Fifth Bliss was fun, but they used me as a barfly like 4 times already so they probably won't use me anymore..The actors were great in it though and it was fun. Then because this post is just so narcissistic and all I have to include this pic of my cat Harlequinn next to a wooden pig in my apartment..Don't worry-my next post is sure to be a drunken and offensive one! I'm just trying to promote myself right now..Oh yeah, my band is playing The Delancey this thursday the 29th at 11:30pm! Suckers!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Karl Pilkington can eat a knob at night!

Well, let's see..i've been rather busy lately..I saw some good movies..Well, Men Who Stare at Goats was pretty good..and odd..and this french horror film called Inside-where a crazed woman tries her best to chase around a pregnant lady and give her a DIY c-section with a pair of scissors so she can take her baby away..I guess it wasn't exactly "good" but it's on par with Martyrs if you like french horror films..which I do. I also can't stop watching the Ricky Gervais Show..so damn funny. I love Karl!

Here's a few pics from Mars Bar last week..a sexy mannequin. Jerry and Marky deep in conversation, and a protest sign someone had made complaining about the raised subway fares..kinda Ron English style..

Then some pics of the disgusting trash outside that damn wine bar..boxes and bags and urine-oh my! Then a few cute ones at ray's of a little dog sporting a Save Ray's doggie shirt..I have yet to come across anyone wearing the thong. Maybe at Mars Bar someone will show up in one..A girl can dream..

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Extra Stuff...East Fifth Bliss.

I've been doing a bit of extra work lately..Dont have a steady job right now..and I used to love acting so I figured i'd give it a whirl..Besides the sometimes 7am call times I am having fun..Here's a great pic of me at work! Walking like a REAL PEDESTRIAN WOULD! That's right..I'm THAT good! This is from East Fifth Bliss which was written by Douglas Light who used to live on my block..

Then a shot of us extras enjoying the sun on the stoop next to Blue and Gold Bar where we filmed..nice to sit in the sun and people watch..I love stoops!

Then a scene shot in the bar..Lucy Lui and Michael C. Hall are really fucking good..nice people and watching them get into character is fascinating to me..I didn't take pics of them..the most annoying paparazzi in the world was harassing them all day...Plus, I just like being there-I don't want to bug people for their photo. I kept telling he pap he was failing at his job..and singing that Lady Gaga song to him..Don't think he ever got the shot of Lucy he wanted, but he got a lot of me...Haw!

Then there's the film mascot Bella the cat from next door..what a sweetie..though she kept trying to kill birds..

And one of an extra, Ray and I chillaxin'..and a cute shot of Bella getting some love from me..I think I work one more time on this..a barfly..hahaha..Then i'll keep submitting for roles..If I had the dough I'd join the union in a heartbeat..Ah good old mega-millions..I can do it! I get to work in the record store this week too..Well, music and kinda acting..at least I enjoy what I do..Got some gigs coming up soon as well..

Friday, April 16, 2010

Street Vendors harassment by Bloomberg and cronies..

I have not written about this yet, because I haven't vended much..but Bloomberg and his pals are basically causing quite an upset in Union Square and soon in Central Park..They are only allowing 18 vendors in Union Square now..out of the dozens that used to be there..As a vendor myself, I have been ID'd by the cops many times and made to show my Sales Tax ID..which I need to vend my own music. This is covered under the First Amendment..However, this is all being challenged and changed..and trouble is brewing. The artists and other creative people who earn their living by vending outside are what NYC is all about..Fun, creativity, art and freedom of expression.. Google Robert Ledermen and his A.R.T.I.S.T. group which I belong to..He has been fighting for the rights of street vendors for decades now..I got this email from him just now..

Watch NBC (channel 4 in NY) at 11 PM tonight Friday 4/16/2010 for the coverage of ARTIST and the Proposed Park rules.

So watch NBC tonight at 11 if you can to find out more about this...They are claiming they are limiting vendors because they need to keep the streets open for people to walk..I call bullshit. The vendors that take over for the t-shirt and jewelery and music vendors will be all BID and wafle and cupcake trucks-believe you, me. Just one more piece of old NYC being taken, illegally, away from us. Thats why all these planters were suddenly put along 5th Avenue..to take away vending spots. Nice, huh?

If I sound bitter, I guess it's because I am bitter. Soon NYC will look like one big shopping mall a la kmart or walmart.. Google Ledermen and look on youtube for his videos..He has done quite a lot for street vendors.

Stuff Going Down in Town

Here are some flyers I took some snaps of..The honorable Reverend Billy will be performing at The Highline Ballroom this Sunday..I won't be making this show because I am auditioning for the part of a prostitute for a friends film in Brooklyn..Yes, I hope to portray a hooker..I CAN DO IT! I'M NUMBER ONE! I have the utmost confidence in my slutitude..as do most of my readers i'm sure..

Then my friends Masae and Erin(who is not featured in the fyer, but is the beautous redhead standing next to it) have a fire spinning, burlesque show celebrating the 2nd year of Psybotik at Public Assembly on April 30th..These shows are always fun and crazy..and Erin is freaking awesome along with being very talented..

I guess I will go check out the Anarchist Fest going on tonight at Judson Church soon..see what's going on there..I got a call to be an extra on East Fifth Bliss next week which I'm excited about..I mean, if they want tattooed east villagers who live on East Fifth St, i'm the one to call! I'll even play a hooker..Michael C, Hall, Peter Fonda and Lucy Lui are in this film..exciting!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

OPERATION: A "wacky" Doctor's game or a breeding ground for pervs and serial killers?

Well, I am staying in today even though I got a fancy new hair do..My hair looks nice like for two weeks out of the year..other than that it's like a tangled brillo pad with cat hair and pubes dangling from it..I was thinking about that kid's game Operation and how weird it is looking back..It was a "wacky" game where you remove some fat guy's internal organs and get shocked when you mess up..I recall the jingle went, "You're the doctor-collecting all your PAY! You're the doctor, it's SO MUCH FUN TO PLAY!" I mean WTF? Was this game for creepy perverted uncle number 3..or for little serial killers learning how to neatly eviscerate a human? Why I spend my time thinking about this I have no answer to...except I was hungover today and got my hair worked on for 5 hours..

Here are some DARLING pics for you..This first one is me STICKING IT TO THE MAN! It looks like a mug shot..see what an anarchist I am? Breaking the law..Breaking the law! Then some pics from Mar Bar my fave haunt..Some art which looks like a wheel of pubes was pointed out to me..and some cool wings above the bar..Then some guy decided everyone needed to see how gross his toe was..and yes-I have the proof ladies and germs..It was fucking gross!

Then another guy said he wanted to show us his facebook page which turned out to be the asian porn ads in the back of the NY Press which I thought was really funny..Anyway-when I was drunk it seemed hilarious!

Then to make up for the mug shot pic here are a few of my nice new hair all fresh and so clean..I am getting some headshots done next week before I mess it up by walking through some cobwebs or something..I think when I get up some dough after going to France in July, I will join Aftra..I'm digging on this acting thing..I was an extra on Bored to Death and got to watch a bubble weird burlesque show..I was told to dress as freaky as I wanted to..yay! And Jason Shwartzman is really funny and nice..He gave me a veggie meatball and told me I had to eat it before the scene started..like in 30 seconds..I tried but failed..but he made me eat it right after the scene ended. It was damn good for a veggie meatball(which is an oxymoron I guess)..I forget where he said he got it from but we were at The Slipper Room..The cast and director's all were so nice on that set..good vibe..even though this one extra guy kept arguing with me about Steely Dan..wah!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Pics from last night at Banjo Jim's..

Well, there are none of us playing yet but here are a taint-load of pics from last nights packed and awesome show at Banjo Jim's for Eli Smith's Down Home Radio Live monthly night..First Uncle Monk played..which is Tommy Ramone and Claudia Tienan..they are a duo and even do an acoustic version of "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend which is really nice..I like it better than the original..Nice folk...Then we have a cute lil baby admiring Fly's artwork..Fly is a local artist/squatter who draws people while they tell her a story about themselves..She has it all published..PEOPS its called..Then a shot of The Dust Busters who sounded great..They are Eli Smith, Craig Judelman and Walker Shepard, who I guess is the son of Jessica Lange and Sam Shepard..Walker is a great musician so I guess talent runs in the family..The two fiddlers along with Eli really sounded awesome.

Then there's the tip jar..I asked for a million bucks but actually people were generous and very quiet while people played-which is kinda of a rarity for a crowded Saturday night at Banjo Jim's. Then there's the random guy who wanted me to take his pic, Craig Judelman from the Dust Busters and dueling Jugs from Brotherhood of the Jug Band Blues who played later..Then there's Eli playing, Walker, and a pic of The Brotherhood Band...who had two jug players..Then there's the amazing Bill Murray Experience..Jessy Carolina has such a great voice-she always brings the house down..Horatio is on guitar and Blind Boy Paxton on piano, with Jay Sanford on stand-up bass..They do old jazz standards..and always sound great. They played way into the wee hours of the night..after which I went home-went to Mars Bar and drank myself sick..Well, we played at 8-so I had an early start! I think I had fun after I puked..well I had fun before I puked anyway..even the puking may have been fun-I can't remember..If I said anything rude to anyone I apologize..but if I can't remember it, then it didn't happen so no problem really..

Friday, April 9, 2010

East River String Band playing tomorrow April 10th!

Yes, my awesome band is playing tomorrow night at Banjo Jim's..Should be a fun show..We are playing with Tommy Ramone's(yup-Tommy Ramone!)bluegrass band Uncle Monk. We met Tommy in Memphis at the Folk Alliance..and other great old timey bands like Eli Smith's Dust Buster's, Brotherhood of the Jug Band Blues and the amazing Bill Murray Experience..

You will hear all your favorite hits from the 20's and 30's which no one has really every heard of..but still, it will amaze and delight at least 3 people..

The line-up is: Saturday April 10th 8pm at BANJO JIM'S 700 East 9th Street @AVE C New York, NY 10009-5309 (212) 777-0869 8PM EAST RIVER STRING BAND 9PM UNCLE MONK(Tommy Ramone's band) 10PM THE DUST BUSTERS 11PM BROTHERHOOD OF THE JUG BAND BLUES 12AM THE BILL MURRAY EXPERIENCE

I hope I get this for my birthday!

Well, here are some more pics that are just so amazing you will die! I don't mean you'll die from amazement..I just mean in general you will die someday. There was some kind of new mom convention on the grass at Tompkins today..about 30 babies and strollers were parked in there having fun in the sun..I have to admit it was pretty cute..

My friend Dave has his Dogfather t-shirt on..and just so you know...Fun is boring, so I suggest you stop having it right away.

Then, my new fave video..introducing..CLITTER!!!! All the kids are doing it. Stop marching to the beat of your own drummer and get clittered everyone...It's more fun than Fro-Yo and cupcakes!