Friday, April 2, 2010

Ben and Jerry's Free Cone Day! Hotdiggity Damn!

First here's a pic of Ray's wall of press..he proudly hangs up every mention and every article about him that's been in various papers lately-he's had a lot of coverage and he's really happy about it..

Then a few days ago Ben and Jerry's were giving away free cones! I'm sure the workers there were just THRILLED by the huge line that wrapped around the block all day..I hope they got some tips at least that day..what a mob. I was at a rainbow gathering in Vermont once and they showed up and gave everyone free ice cream which was surreal..especially for the hippies all hepped up on goofball acids..I was living in SF when they opened on Haight Street and had 25 cent cone day..I admit-i ate like ten cones..Hey-I was living on the beach and it was 25 cents! 1% for PEACE, bitches!

Well not much else going on..I have a gig next week at Banjo Jim's with Tommy Ramone's bluegrass band Uncle Monk which should be fun..Did a little more extra work this week..They should really use me in that East Fifth Bliss thing that's filming soon..I've lived here for ages and even live right near the building it takes place in though its under construction now..


  1. I missed free cone day--last year I had the coffee one. It rocked.

  2. For some reason, the first thing that struck me about the photos of the people standing in line to get a free cone was how dressed down people are these days. I thought it was the South but it is everywhere (except the D.C. area, because I guess they are all lawyers and politicians there). Maybe it's more of a case that one would see people dressed up in, I don't know, say, the Wall Street Area or something during the day, but I think that dressing down is the trend now days...Back In my day when we went to get ice cream we wore three-piece buttoned down suits with bib-n-tucker shirts and starched collars, bow ties and watch fobs. Everything was impeccable, from our beaver skin bowler hats to our spats on our shoes! Of course, an ice cream cone was nearly three quid, so mere street urchins and dirty-faced cockney women couldn't really afford a cone! That's the way it should be! Free cones, shugh! Once the underlings can have ice cream, then next thing you know they'll want a day of rest from their factory jobs every week and kippers for breakfast on Sundays! No wonder we have a nanny nation for lazy moochers just looking for a free cone! Nothing but a bunch of mollycoddled, milksop, sidewalk, Nancy-pants poop makers that have nothing better to do than stand on queue I tell you!

  3. I know what you mea Brett-these savages were so uncouth! They kept demanding a "spot o' tea guvnah" with their free cones. Ungrateful wretches..Le them eat Tofutti™ I say!

  4. I'd wait in line for free Tofutti™!

    But seriously... I just don't get the waiting in line thing...and in the rain, no less...

  5. Can you imagine what that line would have been like if it was free fro-yo they were giving out, Grieve? Or cupcakes? That shit woulda been OFF THE HOOK! The line would have stretched right to Sarah Jessica Parker's mansion.