Friday, April 9, 2010

I hope I get this for my birthday!

Well, here are some more pics that are just so amazing you will die! I don't mean you'll die from amazement..I just mean in general you will die someday. There was some kind of new mom convention on the grass at Tompkins today..about 30 babies and strollers were parked in there having fun in the sun..I have to admit it was pretty cute..

My friend Dave has his Dogfather t-shirt on..and just so you know...Fun is boring, so I suggest you stop having it right away.

Then, my new fave video..introducing..CLITTER!!!! All the kids are doing it. Stop marching to the beat of your own drummer and get clittered everyone...It's more fun than Fro-Yo and cupcakes!


  1. I've heard about these gangs of babies that hang out around NYC parks with their low-rider strollers. I also heard that drool-related crimes are up 40% there!! A connection? The "moms" are just their street lieutenants...everybody knows that; when will the mainstream media stop protecting these infant thugs and tell this story!

  2. They are all paid off..with baba's and binky's..

  3. Such bullshit. Where is the glitter for the peen?