Saturday, April 24, 2010

Karl Pilkington can eat a knob at night!

Well, let's see..i've been rather busy lately..I saw some good movies..Well, Men Who Stare at Goats was pretty good..and odd..and this french horror film called Inside-where a crazed woman tries her best to chase around a pregnant lady and give her a DIY c-section with a pair of scissors so she can take her baby away..I guess it wasn't exactly "good" but it's on par with Martyrs if you like french horror films..which I do. I also can't stop watching the Ricky Gervais damn funny. I love Karl!

Here's a few pics from Mars Bar last week..a sexy mannequin. Jerry and Marky deep in conversation, and a protest sign someone had made complaining about the raised subway fares..kinda Ron English style..

Then some pics of the disgusting trash outside that damn wine bar..boxes and bags and urine-oh my! Then a few cute ones at ray's of a little dog sporting a Save Ray's doggie shirt..I have yet to come across anyone wearing the thong. Maybe at Mars Bar someone will show up in one..A girl can dream..


  1. I saw "Men Who Stare at Goats." Well, I didn't really "see" it; I put it into the DVD player but fell asleep. Then it laid around in the "pile" for a few days; it's still there, I think...I guess I'll watch it, I just don't like how Netflix is all controlling and everything, sending me movies to watch and shit. Don't you just hate that? People are always giving me books to read, music to listen to, movies to watch...I was just talking to a friend on the phone, and she was all, "I just read an article in New Yorker... blah, blah, blah...I'll have to give it to you to read." Jeesh! Then, she'll probably bug me to death, "did you read that article yet..." Man, where does it stop?

  2. I continue to be disappointed that no one has yet to buy a Ray's thong. I tried one on, but I put it back on the rack.

  3. Brett it will NEVER stop until you read that freaking article.
    Please read it and write a detailed analysis comparing it to the previous article in the New Yorker you were forced to read.
    Grieve-I think Ray himself will have to pave the way with the thong thing.
    It's the only way.

  4. I know! I won't even tell you what see did to force me to make up my own erudite captions to New Yorker cartoons...I'm still having nightmares!

  5. Hahaha..That was the caption, right? "I'm STILL having nightmares!"