Monday, April 12, 2010

Pics from last night at Banjo Jim's..

Well, there are none of us playing yet but here are a taint-load of pics from last nights packed and awesome show at Banjo Jim's for Eli Smith's Down Home Radio Live monthly night..First Uncle Monk played..which is Tommy Ramone and Claudia Tienan..they are a duo and even do an acoustic version of "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend which is really nice..I like it better than the original..Nice folk...Then we have a cute lil baby admiring Fly's artwork..Fly is a local artist/squatter who draws people while they tell her a story about themselves..She has it all published..PEOPS its called..Then a shot of The Dust Busters who sounded great..They are Eli Smith, Craig Judelman and Walker Shepard, who I guess is the son of Jessica Lange and Sam Shepard..Walker is a great musician so I guess talent runs in the family..The two fiddlers along with Eli really sounded awesome.

Then there's the tip jar..I asked for a million bucks but actually people were generous and very quiet while people played-which is kinda of a rarity for a crowded Saturday night at Banjo Jim's. Then there's the random guy who wanted me to take his pic, Craig Judelman from the Dust Busters and dueling Jugs from Brotherhood of the Jug Band Blues who played later..Then there's Eli playing, Walker, and a pic of The Brotherhood Band...who had two jug players..Then there's the amazing Bill Murray Experience..Jessy Carolina has such a great voice-she always brings the house down..Horatio is on guitar and Blind Boy Paxton on piano, with Jay Sanford on stand-up bass..They do old jazz standards..and always sound great. They played way into the wee hours of the night..after which I went home-went to Mars Bar and drank myself sick..Well, we played at 8-so I had an early start! I think I had fun after I puked..well I had fun before I puked anyway..even the puking may have been fun-I can't remember..If I said anything rude to anyone I apologize..but if I can't remember it, then it didn't happen so no problem really..


  1. These are cool pix (that's school girl for photos)...I'm gonna have to get one of those Gitane guitars. I played one a few weeks ago and liked it. It would also fit in with my delusions of Django...I see you managed to get a photo of one of those baby gangstas you talked about in the last blog; I guess you were lucky no one got shot up and shit, those babies will pop a cap in you just for jangling your keys at them!

  2. Yes, my friends daughter was really out of control! She drank 3 baba's, then started a mosh pit to "last kind words"..She only stopped for naptime..Shit was about to get ugly..She was yelling at other babies on the street..I was so scared!....sob!