Friday, April 16, 2010

Street Vendors harassment by Bloomberg and cronies..

I have not written about this yet, because I haven't vended much..but Bloomberg and his pals are basically causing quite an upset in Union Square and soon in Central Park..They are only allowing 18 vendors in Union Square now..out of the dozens that used to be there..As a vendor myself, I have been ID'd by the cops many times and made to show my Sales Tax ID..which I need to vend my own music. This is covered under the First Amendment..However, this is all being challenged and changed..and trouble is brewing. The artists and other creative people who earn their living by vending outside are what NYC is all about..Fun, creativity, art and freedom of expression.. Google Robert Ledermen and his A.R.T.I.S.T. group which I belong to..He has been fighting for the rights of street vendors for decades now..I got this email from him just now..

Watch NBC (channel 4 in NY) at 11 PM tonight Friday 4/16/2010 for the coverage of ARTIST and the Proposed Park rules.

So watch NBC tonight at 11 if you can to find out more about this...They are claiming they are limiting vendors because they need to keep the streets open for people to walk..I call bullshit. The vendors that take over for the t-shirt and jewelery and music vendors will be all BID and wafle and cupcake trucks-believe you, me. Just one more piece of old NYC being taken, illegally, away from us. Thats why all these planters were suddenly put along 5th take away vending spots. Nice, huh?

If I sound bitter, I guess it's because I am bitter. Soon NYC will look like one big shopping mall a la kmart or walmart.. Google Ledermen and look on youtube for his videos..He has done quite a lot for street vendors.


  1. When I was a young laddie whippersnapper in the '70's, I would have never thought that the US would be made over into a kind of Disney-esque corporatocracy! I'm getting pretty damn sick of it! I say, get a big old school bus, paint it up and shit, call it the "New" New York Tour, and drive out-of-towners around to McDonald's, Starbucks, K-Mart, Walmart, FroYo (or whatever those fricken places are called), and charge them outrageous sums of money! Then when the tour is over, tell them to just get the fuck out of your bus! Or, maybe have them wear t-shirts that say, "I'm a tourist, where can I get pizza?", and drop them off in Chinatown at dusk, giving them directions to the Bowry! Then put up flyers that say Walmart and McDonald's-related crimes are on the rise for tourists! ...just a thought...

  2. "Get out of my fucking bus!..You're all throwing clams out there! I'm out there working my ass off...!!!" Hahaha..Just a little music humor there..I gotta get up at 7:30..time for bed I guess..sniff..

  3. I'm just Some Guy, but I was horrified when I read about this on the NYT wesbite. I wish you guys--the ones actually selling art, not tschotkes--would form some kind of PAC. It's not just your livelihood at stake, it's the future of the 'hood.

  4. Thank you for posting this!

    I went to the hearing and demonstration on April 23rd and was so happy to see so many artists united. There were so many who stood up to testify, which I think made the Parks Dept crap their pants. The current rules are fine, but not enforced. Those who are currently violating the rules give the rest of us a bad name and this only gives more fuel to Bloomberg. He's been trying to say Artists are the same as vendors, which is not true. Passing these rules would be a huge blow to constitutional rights and the Parks Dept would be stupid to do so. As of today, there hasn't been a vote yet, so keep up the fight!

  5. Man, I think the bill passed...ugh..I'm showing up at the next protest for's so hard to fight this now-they just do whatever the hell they talks..