Friday, April 16, 2010

Stuff Going Down in Town

Here are some flyers I took some snaps of..The honorable Reverend Billy will be performing at The Highline Ballroom this Sunday..I won't be making this show because I am auditioning for the part of a prostitute for a friends film in Brooklyn..Yes, I hope to portray a hooker..I CAN DO IT! I'M NUMBER ONE! I have the utmost confidence in my do most of my readers i'm sure..

Then my friends Masae and Erin(who is not featured in the fyer, but is the beautous redhead standing next to it) have a fire spinning, burlesque show celebrating the 2nd year of Psybotik at Public Assembly on April 30th..These shows are always fun and crazy..and Erin is freaking awesome along with being very talented..

I guess I will go check out the Anarchist Fest going on tonight at Judson Church soon..see what's going on there..I got a call to be an extra on East Fifth Bliss next week which I'm excited about..I mean, if they want tattooed east villagers who live on East Fifth St, i'm the one to call! I'll even play a hooker..Michael C, Hall, Peter Fonda and Lucy Lui are in this film..exciting!


  1. Ah! Very cool that you'll be an extra! Get some shots of Peter Fonda for us!

    And if only you were an extra last year for Step-Up 3-D!

  2. Hahaha..i met some extras that were on that set..

  3. I will try to check ya out.

  4. Any woman who can play with fire (and can make it into beautiful entertainment for me, rather then the usual scary, "I'll burn down your house, you bastard!" thing I typically am subjected to) is okay by me! ...My favorite Peter Fonda line in a film was when he and Dennis Hopper were staying in a commune in "Easy Rider," and Hopper's character was watching the hippie kids aimlessly throwing seeds out onto hard, dry soil and thought they were just wasting their time, that their efforts weren't going to grow any food. Hopper said something about their futility, then Fonda's character smiled, and looked out into the horizon, saying, "I think they're gonna make it this time, man, they're gonna make it this time..." That's a line I have used over and's fun! Try it! The next time anybody says he/she has to stop for coffee or go to the bathroom or whatever, just say, to no one in particular, "I think (s)he's gonna make it this time, man, (s)he's gonna make it this time!" I'm sure you'll be quite surprised and impressed at the ensuing laughter...

  5. I just like to go into any bathroom, while i'm with my parents or at a fancy place..and pretend I did lines of blow in there..I come out sniffing and rubbing my nose and yell, "Im ready, you guys ready? What's going on? LET'S JUST DO THIS SHIT!" even when nothing is going on but brunch. No one really laughs at this but me come to think of it..Ah well..