Monday, May 31, 2010

Pics from Tompkins show with Morning Glory playing..

Here is a FUCKLOAD of pics I took at the show at Tompkins Square Park was a doozy..young drunk punks everywhere..I stayed out late that night ndt saw a few passed out along 1st avenue and shit at like 3am or something..all that moshing did them in I guess. First we have a pic of me and my pal Cashman. And also the infamous Chickenman! Then we have the artist and cartoonist Fly hanging with Mike Chickenman..who later donned a wig and dress for Morning Glory's set..Then there is Buttcrack guy taking a's tiring when your butt hangs out all day like that. Then some guy fell..

We have a full moon going on..the pie-man was there..a shot of Ezra singing and Popeye had a cameo on one song too..some shots of the mosh pit. I felt so old seeing all those young kids..though I never was one for moshing..I like my teeth too much.

My friend Bill Cashman rode his bike around the pit..He was also wearing a pin that said "Kill Whitey" which I liked.

then Eak the geek ex coney sideshow performer..the Chickenman showing off his postcard looking punks including a girl with a REALLY fucking big mohawk..My friend Porno Dave holding the dog Cha-Cha while some nutter gave her some love..and the pin Cashman had on.

It was fun..saw a lot of people I haven't seen for a while, though I went to the beach today and got a little burn. That's why i'm inside blogging I guess. Usually the nicer the weather gets the less i'm indoors. Anycooch-that's the news for now. Stay tuned. Had an audition a few days ago but never got called back...sniff...ah well..I want to join the Upright Citizen's Brigade I think after I get back from France.

A few videos from the punk show at Tompkins-Morning Glory

Well, here are two videos I took of Morning Glory-Ezra from lefotver Crack's band at Tompkins yesterday at the first show of this year(I think)..You can spot such wonderful things as Guy with Toilet Paper Stuck on Shoe, Buttcrack Guy(i'm scarred for life!), drunk punks falling..some friends of mine moshing around..I took a ton of pics as well which I will put up next. I wen to a show, to the beach and got sunburned and have been drinking lotsa wine. Yes, spring has sprung and love is in the a lot of sleazy marines and sailors for fleet week. Make them go away! They scare me. The first video has appreances by Fly, Eak the Geek, and Chickenman in drag..and my friend Michael being funny..

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Brooklyn Folk Festival at Jalopy

Here are some pics from the Brooklyn Folk Festival that went on last weekend. These are only from Sunday, the last day of the fest. John and I played in a park a few blocks from Jalopy..and they had a HUGE paper mache bust of Thomas Jefferson there like the one on the stage at Jalopy itself! That thing freaks me's always judging me when I'm drunk.

Here's the crowd in the park where we played...lotsa overalls to be seen...and Thomas Jefferson's head. Then me by my favorite place-the porto potty!

John's new custom made Fraulini guitar was a big hit-I think everyone there took a turn playing it outside the theater. Here's the head being brought onstage..the the band The Tillers who are from Ohio and came over to hang out the next day. Nice folks..Then The Dough Rollers, Malcolm Ford and Jack Byrnes who sounded great.

A poster of Dust-to-Digitial releases..John has a 3 CD disc set coming out this year from Dust to Digital called 'Baby How Can It Be?" which is an awesome collection from John's 78's of love songs and bawdy songs from the 20's and 30's. Can't wait!

Then the wonderful Mamie Minch playing and the table of stuff for sale by the front door of Jalopy. I wish I went to see more bands on the other two days of the fest but it just didn't happen. I love Jalopy..Best venue for old time stuff around! East River will be doing a wednesday roots and ruckus night there soon-ish.

On a sad note, I posted a facebook status saying how the ending of Lost was amazing because it was found out that they had all just been up Gary Colemen's butthole the entire time. AND THEN GARY COLEMEN DIED! WTF? I swear I didn't mean it. And now Dennis Hopper. I said NOTHING about Hopper's butthole and I loved him and Gary both. Wah!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Non-Drowsy Nyquil and other pointless shit.

Here are some pointless cell phone pics..i have some computer problems and also keep forgetting to carry my camera around outside so they are kinda craptastic. Here we have some medieval looking wooden torture device which is actually a piece of workout equipment at Dolphin Gym where I go. I kinda love Dolphin. They are so ghetto but cheap as close by. Avenue B Dolphin Gym closed and so now the one I go to is packed with people and has become quite the beehive of activity. I keep wanting to start a telling people from east 4th, "Did you HEAR what the Avenue B'ers are SAYING about you??!!" Haw! Even if I had tons of dough I think I would still go to Dolphin. Well, that David Barton Gym looks kinda cool if I were rich. Like some human sacrifice may go on in there or something..worse than at Dolphin!

Then a guy and his girlfriend who were wasted by Ray's the other night did some gymnastics on the scaffolding bar that was there..I guess The Smurfs will be there tomorrow all being smurfy and shit in their mushroom houses.

Then I saw this Less Drowsy Nyquil in a store..WTF? What-so you want to not be put to sleep, but not awake really either or you would be taking Dayquil. I love Nyquil-it really will knock me disgusting Cherry flavor!

Then a pic of me in a neat chair that was in the trash and probably has bedbugs. But I had to get my photo taken sitting on front of a funeral parlor. And a spiderman make-up bag or something I saw randomly hanging on a fence on Houston street.

Anyway, got an audition for a commercial tomorrow..and it pays! I hope I get it. God, I hope I get it! How many people does he need?? Okay, so I love A Chorus Line. Sue me!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Lost marathon and NYC Lick This Icy's.

It's very summery outside so there's starting to be more hijinks going down about town. I think a dance parade is in Tompkins this weekend..a show is coming up soon there..a lot more weirdos in the park, etc. A new Icy stand has opened up next to the bodega on Avenue A between 6th and 7th street..I call the bodega SOK because it was called that years ago. I have no idea what that stood for. They are overpriced in there but all kinda crazy and they have been there forever. Plus, when I go in there drunk and try to reach stuff on the top shelves and knock everything over, yell, "Cleanup-aisle 3!" they think it's funny. Anyway, this new stand is part of their store I believe..Here's my friend Raz with the Icy Guy, the flavors of Icy's..I tried a mango one and i have to admit it was freaking good!

The guy and my friend again, the hip logo chick full of sexual innuenedo. Like Crif Dogs, "eat me" logo.

Then there was some kind of Lost Marathon at Professor Thom's. You get sponsored to watch 92 hours of the TV show Lost and the money you raise goes to charity. There were like 2 people outside watching who looked really bored, but I didn't venture inside the bar so it may have packed for all I know. I've never seen Lost, but it's on my list of stuff to watch. If I can watch 90210, I know i'll get into this show. I like J.J. Abrams. I like cheesy stuff.

Anyway, these pics suck because I keep leaving my camera at home and have been using my cell camera. I'll have more stuff posted soon with better pics. Oh-and I put up the tip jar from the Icy Stand. Support Counter Intelligence!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Oh Man..vending rules going into effect soon-ish..

This is a partial email I got from the A.R.T.I.S.T. group I belong too..If you join the yahoo group you can read more about the new vending laws that will be going into effect soon it seems. I can't say i've gone to all the rallies lately or have been vending too much either. I've been too busy with other things and have been bringing in money other ways..But this depresses me and will change the landscape of the city even more. Street vendors are a fun, creative part of this city..not those awful cupcake trucks that will replace them and other generic sales goods..Man, I miss buying shit off the streets from crackheads who had their wares on even artists with tables selling their jewelery and music are gonna go away..It's just depressing..if you care come to the protests and rallies and meetings. Here is some of the email I got:

"Rumors re: Park Rules Going Into Effect PEP officers (Parks Enforcement Patrol) approached artists in at least two different parks and told them, "You'll be out of here very soon. The rules will pass in one month."

A man went through Union Sq Park taking photos of the art stands on Wednesday. He told artists, "I was contracted by the Parks Dept to take before and after photos. The rules will go into effect on June 21st." A Daily News reporter told me a parks official told him the rules are being "tweaked" and will be passed in a modified form. A NY Times reporter just told me, "The rules are supposed to go into effect on Friday, May 23. They are slightly rewriting them."

What are we to make of this? Rather than going into a panic, we need to take this one step at a time.

From day one we had to assume the Parks Department intended to put these rules into effect. These new indications and rumors could be true, false or somewhere in between. I cannot force the Parks officials to admit the truth, but I would guess that something is surely up.

What should our response be? Those artists who have been doing business as usual, telling themselves and each other that this, "will never happen," need to awaken from their slumber. As for the artists who have been displaying signs, writing letters and reaching out to the public, this is the time to get SERIOUS. No one, myself included, has done EVERYTHING they could. Most have actually done as little as they could. Now that it appears that some version of the rules may go into effect, the seriousness of this should be clear to all involved. How hard would you work to save your vending spot from another vendor? That's at least how serious you need to be about saving it from the city. If the rules pass, a lawsuit is inevitable and will likely take years, but what can YOU do NOW?

The one thing that can stop these rules from going into effect NOW is strong public opinion expressing outrage to the Mayor, the media and the Parks Department officials. No one is in a better position to get public opinion activated in this way than you, the artists who so visibly are selling in the parks every day.".....

Lederman is right and I am going to make sure to bcome more involved in this fight whether I am vending or not. There are so many people and families that depend on that income to feed themselves and survive.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mars Bar Stuff..

Here are some pics from Mars Bar..some from my birthday like the muffin with the candle..some from last night..just some artwork and that awesome huge scratching post which has been removed from the bar now..I kinda wanted it..

For my birthday(which I hate by the way-too much pressure to have fun or something, plus i'm old and haggy)..I got serenaded by Mars Bar confetti thrown all around and on some money, shoes, clothes, a summons from the NYPD for graffiti-ing..(ha!-seriously!), a washboard lesson and a little washboard to practice on..and tickets to France where i'll be at a fancy place for a week or so with maybe a damn hot tub! Going to an awesome wedding which should be packed with people and fun..Looks like my summer is shaping up to be a REALLY good one! Plus, John has a 3 CD disc set coming out this year called Baby, How Can It Be?..tons of bawdy love songs from his vast 78's Dust to Digital so the packaging will be awesome..could even be nominated for a Grammy..Dust to Digital is often nominated and has won them before for reissues..This all adds up to great publicity for the band I would imagine..(I hope!)..

Well, not much else going down..Playing the brooklyn Folk Festival by Jalopy Theatre this's a 3 day affair..on an outdoor stage and then at jalopy all day and night..should be fun..

Maybe i'll find some gross and offensive photos to put up for my next post..I do have a reputation to uphold after all..especailly since the NYPD do read this blog..

Friday, May 14, 2010

Its my freaking Birthday!

Well, today is my birthday..Thanks mom for letting me pop out of your vagina! So far, I go some dough, some shoes, and some more stuff coming..I thought I would get younger this year, but nope..bathing in the blood of all those virgins did NOT was fun though.

For my birthday, I really want to get signed or get a damn booking agent..get into SAG and Aftra..and learn how to play the freaking guitar magically overnight..If I go to Mars Bar tonight or something and drink myself sick-Im certain I can reach all these goals by tomorrow evening..Damn, I'm old as dirt!