Sunday, May 2, 2010

Are there hot tubs on Mars?

Well, interesting past few days as per usual..Played a gig thursday night and ended up staying out until the sun came up times fun times..I love warm weather. When it's hot out, I don't even crave frolicking about in a hot tub like I normally do! I think i'm moving to Mars in a few years where I hear it is always pleasant out and the hot tubs are tepid. But i'll wait a few years since things are going well..I've worked as an extra 7 or 8 times since I started last month which is pretty darn good..The only bad crap was me staying out late at a bar the other night arguing with someone 15 years younger than me about how their decision to "see the world" by going to Afghanistan as a marine and killing innocent people and most likely having sex with underage thai hookers is a dumb idea. They weren't in uniform, but I felt like I was arguing with a cop somehow..Anyhow, when freaking Alice in Chains came on I shoulda just went home..if I had-I would have been up in time to work on The Smurfs film and get my first SAG waiver-the golden ticket! Instead I slept in and called them back too late. Bah. I'm only arguing about dumb shit with people my own age from now on..yeesh.

Then the next day I got a call to work on Bored to Death with an Aftra waiver! But I worked it last week and was in the shot so they couldn't use me..sniff. They giveth and they taketh away..Ah, well..I have faith and new headshots. Other than that things are swell..going to play at Sophie Crumb's wedding end of June in France..AND start recording my new CD, starting with some tracks with Robert Crumb on mandolin..he's an awesome musician. Exciting!

Anyway, tomorrow I go to Union Square to film my pal Erin's martial arts class do a demonstration..then maybe to go brooklyn to see my friend's new baby..Then monday, slacktivist John Penley is having his birthday party at Mars Bars..I predict a crazy and fun week..I just wanted that damn SAG waiver!!!!! I bet they smell like ambrosia.

Here are some random pics for ya..Me at Cecil's Jazz Club with some BIG alcohol..Then some kids in Tompkins yesterday having a lot of fun with a chair that rolled..they were really entertained by this damn chair..

Then a cigar store Indian at The Cigar Lounge which was holding for some filming on East Fifth Bliss the other night..we went til like 6am..

Welp, i'll have more blogs up's summer and life is good-o...! Unless you happen to play in a Steely Dan cover band of course..


  1. What? You missed The Smurfs film!?!?!?! Anyway, I only argue about issues like if Batman and Superman got into a fist fight, who would win? Or, if Batman and Superman saw Steely Dan in concert, how long would it take them to kick Donald Fagan's ass?

    BTW, shouldn't that be a "cigar store Native American"? I mean, aren't you afraid of pissing off some red Indian who's all tanked up on fire water? You know how they can get on fire water!

  2. I know..These drunken Indians took a break from their drinking and gambling to beat me up!..Then they had a pow-wow and smoked this weird peace pipe. When I came to I was at a Steely Dan concert. Wah!