Sunday, May 30, 2010

Brooklyn Folk Festival at Jalopy

Here are some pics from the Brooklyn Folk Festival that went on last weekend. These are only from Sunday, the last day of the fest. John and I played in a park a few blocks from Jalopy..and they had a HUGE paper mache bust of Thomas Jefferson there like the one on the stage at Jalopy itself! That thing freaks me's always judging me when I'm drunk.

Here's the crowd in the park where we played...lotsa overalls to be seen...and Thomas Jefferson's head. Then me by my favorite place-the porto potty!

John's new custom made Fraulini guitar was a big hit-I think everyone there took a turn playing it outside the theater. Here's the head being brought onstage..the the band The Tillers who are from Ohio and came over to hang out the next day. Nice folks..Then The Dough Rollers, Malcolm Ford and Jack Byrnes who sounded great.

A poster of Dust-to-Digitial releases..John has a 3 CD disc set coming out this year from Dust to Digital called 'Baby How Can It Be?" which is an awesome collection from John's 78's of love songs and bawdy songs from the 20's and 30's. Can't wait!

Then the wonderful Mamie Minch playing and the table of stuff for sale by the front door of Jalopy. I wish I went to see more bands on the other two days of the fest but it just didn't happen. I love Jalopy..Best venue for old time stuff around! East River will be doing a wednesday roots and ruckus night there soon-ish.

On a sad note, I posted a facebook status saying how the ending of Lost was amazing because it was found out that they had all just been up Gary Colemen's butthole the entire time. AND THEN GARY COLEMEN DIED! WTF? I swear I didn't mean it. And now Dennis Hopper. I said NOTHING about Hopper's butthole and I loved him and Gary both. Wah!


  1. Thomas Jefferson? I always thought it was a bust of Andrew McCarthy!?!?!! Besides, McCarthy is a lot more judgmental of drunk people than Jefferson ever was!! Anyway, you're such a tease: telling us about John's cool guitar without showing a close-up photo of it!! I judge people very harshly who mention cool guitars but don't elaborate or show close-up photos...well, not really, but it does reflect on their parents!

    The Jalopy Theatre looks like one very cool place! BTW, it's a shame the photo of the two guys sitting down in suits and playing (the fourth from the bottom I think) is not better exposed, it has a quality of seeming like a photo of some performance from the Depression Era.

    ..."I said NOTHING about Dennis Hopper's butthole..." Well, but did you think about saying something about Dennis Hopper's butthole? That's the question...These celebrity deaths happen in three's; so, whose butthole are you thinking about saying something about next? Hmmm? And why didn't you say anything about Gary Oldman's butthole--jeesh?!?! He's just a redundancy of Morgan Freeman, anyway! That power can be quite dangerous, you have to admit...I mean, what if you meant to say something about the Lost folks being up Gary Cole's butthole but accidentally said something about Gary Coleman's butthole instead? I wonder how Gary Cole would feel if he knew how dangerously close he came to being mentioned about having the Lost cast up his butthole???

    I'm sorry, I should neither be making jokes about recent deaths nor your omnipotent powers with regard to commenting about what people have up their buttholes! Please don't say anything about what I might have up my butthole!!! Please, I beseech you!!! I shan't mention it again!!!!!!

  2. The Dough Rollers are great..I wish I had a better pic too..Malcolm Ford and Jack Byrnes are the sons of Harrison and Gabriel respectively..They are great musicians..I'll get better pics next time..I was in the back and it was dark. Jack and Malcolm were all spiffied up..
    I may have thought about Gary Oldman's butthole last week..I know I thought about Ryan Phillipe's and Will Forte's because I saw MacGruber and they had celery stalks in their buttholes. I just pretty mcuh think about buttholes all the damn time. BE AFRAID!

  3. I was listening to The Dough Rollers this vibe they have (my inner Yoda comes out sometimes, sorry); anyway, I like the trio's sound. They do a great version of "Crazy Arms," a song I do.

  4. Yeah-they are REALLY good..talent runs in the family I guess!