Monday, May 31, 2010

A few videos from the punk show at Tompkins-Morning Glory

Well, here are two videos I took of Morning Glory-Ezra from lefotver Crack's band at Tompkins yesterday at the first show of this year(I think)..You can spot such wonderful things as Guy with Toilet Paper Stuck on Shoe, Buttcrack Guy(i'm scarred for life!), drunk punks falling..some friends of mine moshing around..I took a ton of pics as well which I will put up next. I wen to a show, to the beach and got sunburned and have been drinking lotsa wine. Yes, spring has sprung and love is in the a lot of sleazy marines and sailors for fleet week. Make them go away! They scare me. The first video has appreances by Fly, Eak the Geek, and Chickenman in drag..and my friend Michael being funny..


  1. Nice! I started shooting a few videos earlier.... and my camera sort of malfunctioned. Or maybe I malfunctioned.

  2. Manny is king of the pit!!!