Saturday, May 22, 2010

Lost marathon and NYC Lick This Icy's.

It's very summery outside so there's starting to be more hijinks going down about town. I think a dance parade is in Tompkins this weekend..a show is coming up soon there..a lot more weirdos in the park, etc. A new Icy stand has opened up next to the bodega on Avenue A between 6th and 7th street..I call the bodega SOK because it was called that years ago. I have no idea what that stood for. They are overpriced in there but all kinda crazy and they have been there forever. Plus, when I go in there drunk and try to reach stuff on the top shelves and knock everything over, yell, "Cleanup-aisle 3!" they think it's funny. Anyway, this new stand is part of their store I believe..Here's my friend Raz with the Icy Guy, the flavors of Icy's..I tried a mango one and i have to admit it was freaking good!

The guy and my friend again, the hip logo chick full of sexual innuenedo. Like Crif Dogs, "eat me" logo.

Then there was some kind of Lost Marathon at Professor Thom's. You get sponsored to watch 92 hours of the TV show Lost and the money you raise goes to charity. There were like 2 people outside watching who looked really bored, but I didn't venture inside the bar so it may have packed for all I know. I've never seen Lost, but it's on my list of stuff to watch. If I can watch 90210, I know i'll get into this show. I like J.J. Abrams. I like cheesy stuff.

Anyway, these pics suck because I keep leaving my camera at home and have been using my cell camera. I'll have more stuff posted soon with better pics. Oh-and I put up the tip jar from the Icy Stand. Support Counter Intelligence!


  1. Whoa. Hold on. New 90210 or old 90210?

    Or both?

    You didn't try the chocolate-bacon icy? Even typing that makes me long for, say, death by pub crawl.

  2. New 90210..AND old! They need a Ray's Water Egg cream Icy.

  3. Aside from many other things, what I miss most frequently from NYC are the egg creams! These neanderthals down here don't even know what egg creams are!!!!!!! It's also disgusting what passes for pizza down here! Okay, also, good bread, pirogies, knishes, decent I'm getting hungry! Damn! I guess I'm gonna have to break out a bud (and that ain't beer, if you get my drift), down a pint of Haagan Daz till my blood sugar spikes to coma stage, fall asleep--drooling on the pillow--and forget all about it!!

  4. Get that Macadamia Brittle stuff.. That's what I used to get when I let myself eat food!

  5. give raz a fuckin sandwich before he slips thru the cracks on the sidewalk.....lost 0 thon how sad they have no life ..i rather watch a test pattern for 94 hours then that clap trap of a show....the village and the rich yuppies makes me sick ...plastic people living plastic was better in the days of junkies cheap rents and crack and heroin dealers.....