Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mars Bar Stuff..

Here are some pics from Mars Bar..some from my birthday like the muffin with the candle..some from last night..just some artwork and that awesome huge scratching post which has been removed from the bar now..I kinda wanted it..

For my birthday(which I hate by the way-too much pressure to have fun or something, plus i'm old and haggy)..I got serenaded by Mars Bar people..got confetti thrown all around and on me..got some money, shoes, clothes, a summons from the NYPD for graffiti-ing..(ha!-seriously!), a washboard lesson and a little washboard to practice on..and tickets to France where i'll be at a fancy place for a week or so with maybe a damn hot tub! Going to an awesome wedding which should be packed with people and fun..Looks like my summer is shaping up to be a REALLY good one! Plus, John has a 3 CD disc set coming out this year called Baby, How Can It Be?..tons of bawdy love songs from his vast 78 collection..it's Dust to Digital so the packaging will be awesome..could even be nominated for a Grammy..Dust to Digital is often nominated and has won them before for reissues..This all adds up to great publicity for the band I would imagine..(I hope!)..

Well, not much else going down..Playing the brooklyn Folk Festival by Jalopy Theatre this Sunday..it's a 3 day affair..on an outdoor stage and then at jalopy all day and night..should be fun..

Maybe i'll find some gross and offensive photos to put up for my next post..I do have a reputation to uphold after all..especailly since the NYPD do read this blog..


  1. Happy Birthday Eden--glad you had a good time--too bad about the summons--France is great anytime of year. Spent some time there myself and ca me plait beaucoup.

  2. gotta love the mars bar..