Friday, May 7, 2010

Muzosa Bujinkan Dojo

Here are some pics of my friend Erin and her martial arts school who had a demonstration at Union Square on Sunday..They acted out crazy battles with flips and vicious attacks! Then repeated them in slow motion step by step for us folks who just couldn't take in all the awesomeness that was happening..It's the Muzosa Bujinkan Dojo who do real samurai and ninja martial arts..My friend Erin kicked some major ass..

Here we see the battle, and Erin winning the fight..Alex Phinn stick fighting..a crazy flip and Erin being attacked..

Then Alex and the instructor goofing around and playing patty-cake during a fight..and the bow at the end..

The dojo even has classes for toddlers! All the info can be found on their website..I believe they have a facebook fan page too..Anyway-it was pretty freaking cool..

No extra work lined up so far..but I did get a mean email today calling me a "hipster moron douchebag liberal" or something..Har! I love when people don't take the time to really read my blog then insult me..Yes, I'm a hipster..all hipsters squatted for 10 years and hop trains and play in old time string bands! All I need is some Fro-Yo™ and i'm set! They also put the word "rape" in their email about a post they didn't like that I wrote last week..Very telling..I never mentioned the word rape yet they did. Hmmmm...Ah, the internets of I love thee! Anyone who knows me knows I will take their email and update my facebook status with it by golly!

I also saw myself on TV as an extra in The Good Wife today..and I wasn't even a blur..twice! Line up for my autograph people..only 1,000,000 per signature..and I will write, "Steely Dan Sucks" as my name..Someday it'll be worth trillions..Think of it as an investment! You're practically losing money by not taking me up on this one-time offer!


  1. Wow, I never knew THAT was martial arts?! I thought it was when the police made people draw portraiture before a curfew! Anyway, martial arts looks cool, like break dancing with a partner! ...Me an my silly humor; now you're gonna get some ugly rape email about hipster douchebag liberals all over again! ...Have you seen The Tiny Danson Movie yet?

  2. Hahaha..Erin kicked ass. Tiny Danson? Like in Hold Me Closer Tiny Danson? I want to see it! You should have see the was all pro-war and acccused me of saying thins I didn't say..I bet my mom write it.sob!!!! Hahaha..I love blogging.

  3. I saw hipster moron douchebag liberal play last week at the Cake Shop. They opened for I Can See Your Ass-Crack, You Skinny-Jean-Wearing, Emo-Loving, Flannel-Shirt-Toting Former Midwesterner.

    And congrats on the Good Wife gig!

  4. Haw! Look at all my typos..A hipster moron would NEVER spell so poorly. F-. Plus, if I were a hipster I would have more money probably.
    I saw that band too! They were awesome-My band is opening up for "You Will Know Us BY Our Trail of Fro-Yo" next week at the new/old Fillmore East.

  5. all my fav bands[ramones-cramps-nico -johnny thunders...are all dead ....i did see blondie last year though !!gettin old sucks when you all your fav muscians pass away!!good bans are still around you just have to search them out