Monday, May 24, 2010

Non-Drowsy Nyquil and other pointless shit.

Here are some pointless cell phone pics..i have some computer problems and also keep forgetting to carry my camera around outside so they are kinda craptastic. Here we have some medieval looking wooden torture device which is actually a piece of workout equipment at Dolphin Gym where I go. I kinda love Dolphin. They are so ghetto but cheap as close by. Avenue B Dolphin Gym closed and so now the one I go to is packed with people and has become quite the beehive of activity. I keep wanting to start a telling people from east 4th, "Did you HEAR what the Avenue B'ers are SAYING about you??!!" Haw! Even if I had tons of dough I think I would still go to Dolphin. Well, that David Barton Gym looks kinda cool if I were rich. Like some human sacrifice may go on in there or something..worse than at Dolphin!

Then a guy and his girlfriend who were wasted by Ray's the other night did some gymnastics on the scaffolding bar that was there..I guess The Smurfs will be there tomorrow all being smurfy and shit in their mushroom houses.

Then I saw this Less Drowsy Nyquil in a store..WTF? What-so you want to not be put to sleep, but not awake really either or you would be taking Dayquil. I love Nyquil-it really will knock me disgusting Cherry flavor!

Then a pic of me in a neat chair that was in the trash and probably has bedbugs. But I had to get my photo taken sitting on front of a funeral parlor. And a spiderman make-up bag or something I saw randomly hanging on a fence on Houston street.

Anyway, got an audition for a commercial tomorrow..and it pays! I hope I get it. God, I hope I get it! How many people does he need?? Okay, so I love A Chorus Line. Sue me!


  1. "Less Drowsy Nyquil™"?!?! What's the point of that? ...I love the "Princess Chair"! It would make a great throne for busking! I bet you'd clean up!!!

  2. It was awesome! and i'm in front of this weird funeral home with cacti in the window...