Monday, May 31, 2010

Pics from Tompkins show with Morning Glory playing..

Here is a FUCKLOAD of pics I took at the show at Tompkins Square Park was a doozy..young drunk punks everywhere..I stayed out late that night ndt saw a few passed out along 1st avenue and shit at like 3am or something..all that moshing did them in I guess. First we have a pic of me and my pal Cashman. And also the infamous Chickenman! Then we have the artist and cartoonist Fly hanging with Mike Chickenman..who later donned a wig and dress for Morning Glory's set..Then there is Buttcrack guy taking a's tiring when your butt hangs out all day like that. Then some guy fell..

We have a full moon going on..the pie-man was there..a shot of Ezra singing and Popeye had a cameo on one song too..some shots of the mosh pit. I felt so old seeing all those young kids..though I never was one for moshing..I like my teeth too much.

My friend Bill Cashman rode his bike around the pit..He was also wearing a pin that said "Kill Whitey" which I liked.

then Eak the geek ex coney sideshow performer..the Chickenman showing off his postcard looking punks including a girl with a REALLY fucking big mohawk..My friend Porno Dave holding the dog Cha-Cha while some nutter gave her some love..and the pin Cashman had on.

It was fun..saw a lot of people I haven't seen for a while, though I went to the beach today and got a little burn. That's why i'm inside blogging I guess. Usually the nicer the weather gets the less i'm indoors. Anycooch-that's the news for now. Stay tuned. Had an audition a few days ago but never got called back...sniff...ah well..I want to join the Upright Citizen's Brigade I think after I get back from France.


  1. Nice to see my old pal Aron Kay!

  2. I had to leave before Morning Glory came on.... Anyway, what a great afternoon.

  3. That is about the coolest mohawk I've ever seen! Golden girl, I mean, not full moon boy (aka buttcrack guy)...I wanta "kill whitey" button!

  4. Thanks Eden,

    It's great that you are picking up where Bob has left off....we need your kind of LES coverage!!