Saturday, May 8, 2010

Terry Richardson is STOKED!

Here are a few news clips about what is going on in the world today..One must keep up with the times! I am so STOKED about the news! Fuck yeah!

Then I took a pic of a friend of mine's hand minus a finger he cut off himself a few years ago..I won't go into why he did this-i'm sure he regrets it..but everytime I see him I have to touch the stump so I figured i'd get a pic of it..

Then we have a sticker I saw in the subway on brooklyn..I assume this is famed photogrpaher Terry Richardson who some have accused of plying them with liquor and pills or something to get the loosened up for his photo shoots..I dunno..I think if he takes your pic nude he gets nude too so you're more comfortable..This sticker seems more humorous than anything..Perhaps Terry made them himself to get some publicity..Hey-Any press is good, right? I would totally let Terry take my photo..I like his work. He doesn't do just nudes anyway..Anycooch-I was so STOKED when I saw this fucking sticker that I took a pic of it!!! FUCKING YES!!!


  1. Fuck yeah! I am stoked! I am so fucking stoked. Yes! Hell yes!

  2. Stoking is the number one cause of elation! Speaking of which, it got pretty dern-tootin' chilly last night, so I built a fire--then stoked it; it was pretty dern-tootin' elating! Stoking that fire, last night, stoking, the fire...I was stoked like Terry Richardson doin' amyl nitrate!

  3. I was stoked when Terry Richardson set me on fire then fanned the flames with some nude photos of some
    college kids finding their hoodie an being stoked for 52 hours straight.