Monday, June 28, 2010

The Love Comes out of your Butt guy!

You may have noticed the bearded man in the white dress with the heart sign promoting his play Loves Comes Out Of Your Butt all over the LES this past week..Apparently he has a short film I think that will be at Anthology Film Archives on July 7th. I won't be in town to see it but I told him I would promote it on my blog. Who wouldn't do that for a dude in a white dress with a heart sewn on his pantaloons? And the streetart mattress caught my eye..Are bedbugs considered street art? Har!

So here are some pics of him..and a poster with the info about his screeening..This is my last blog from the US of A..Getting on an 11pm flight to the South of France..and do various fun and crazy things there.. Hopefully i'll be able to write a bit from there.. Smell ya Later friends! xoxox Eden Bee

Leaving for France tomorrow..

I'm heading to the south of France tomorrow for 2 weeks to play a wedding, a few gigs and start to record our next album..Will try to blog from there..hopefully I'll be able to get online. I may try to post pics from the show at Tompkins that went on today..pretty fun day today..lotsa crap to get together tomorrow. Plus I freaking hate flying..and the other people on the plane don't seem happy when I keep yelling "The pilot is drunk!"...Bah..Be back soon! -Me(den)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Video footage of last nights Drag March!

Pre-Gay Parade Drag March!

Yesterday was a pretty entertaining day here in rotten apple..First I had to go to court to pay a fine which got dismissed anyway..I kept giggling because the courtroom was so weird..everyone was there for an open container except for me-I was the only female there and I was there for "posting bills unlawfully." Harrumph. Everyone there seemed kinda drunk and when the names got called and the charges were "open container" everyone there hooted and clapped. Then I was called up for "graffiting" and everyone laughed at me..the judge was nice and kept asking questions about my band..I kept laughing and he said "keep on smiling" and dismissed me..Yes, he was stern yet fair.

Then I went to Tompkins Square Park and marched with the pre-gay parade drag march to 6th ave,,ALL of our heels were killing us by the time we got there chanting "we're here, we're queer-we're coming for your children!" in between singing the theme song from the Mary Tyler Moore show..

So here are a fucking goddamn buttload of I have some video i'll put up soon..A sandwich sign in honor of the parade..some guys dressed to the nines in some awesome costumes..I actually felt dressed down for once! My tutu was laughable..sob..!There were Harry Potter wizard queens, naked queens, fish-netted queens, old and young ones..It was freakin' grand! Then the one guy did the circle before the march where everyone sings that god loves fags and they know this because god is a dyke..So great..The Pantsless Avengers were pretty neat and I went as far as 6th avenue then turned around...

Got to Tompkins in time for a Beatles sing-a-long around the piano there which is in fine shape still..The guy who locked it up at 10pm is in a Beatles tribute band apparently..Then I hit Odessa Bar for some Michael Jackson was his birthday or deathday or something..Then suddenly it was like 7am and I went to bed..I am leaving for France Monday night so I guess i'm trying to do as much fun stuff as I can..France will be awesome too though..i'm excited..and nervous!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

That's What She Said.

Hot damn it's like 90 million degrees outside! And i'm not prone to really is 90 MILLION FUCKING DEGREES OUT!!! I love it. I want it to be 100 billion degrees so I can fire my clay sculptures of Gary Colemen which i made after his passing.

Anybitch, here's some random shit I took some shitty pictures of..I had like 4 or 5 people in the past few weeks come up to me and tell me they like my blog. Can't believe so many people read this thing..If only my band got that much attention i'd have two nickels to rub together. First is some weird art at Mars Bar..Hamburger heads..Then a pic of some fake food at a Japanese bar on St. Marks..I went there with my friend Erin and somehow a breakdancing party broke out in the middle of the street to the song "Sex Machine"..Fun! So...I think Jap Tang speaks for itself. The owner of the place was really happy I took a pic of it..They have all kinds of fake food outside the place to lure customers in and it was pretty well done I have to say..

I see that Kim's Video has reopened as a Japanese Market..How freaking many do we need? A lot apparently. Sheesh.

Then me wearing a tutu. I have decided tutu's are the new black and I will wear one every day. You only live once, so why the hell shouldn't I wear a freaking tutu? Is that so wrong?

Then the Lost Duck signs that have been posted everywhere..It must be some art school project, they do this every year it seems..No number to call on the flyer though so I don't get it...Then the baby with the word bubble..I know the ads are for child abuse..but I just can't help but find that one kinda funny..So sue me. I lost my rubber ducky so I don't care what happens to me now...sob...

Monday, June 21, 2010

Pianos take over NYC..Too much Billy Joel can kill you though.

Well I got linked on curbed today for one of my Pee Phone posts..They were saying how the Play Me pianos that have popped up everywhere might be kinda gross in Tompkins Square Park judging by the gross yet undeniably erotic pay phone by Ray's..Well today I sunbathed in Tompkins and then went to check out the piano that is now there. My friends were there from the great band The Bill Murray Experience..and Blind Boy Paxton went nuts on the piano while Horatio played guitar and Jessy Carolina that was pretty damn awesome. However I did hear a lot of Piano Man by Billy Joel being played..Can't they at least play Vienna? Christ on a fucking Crutch!

Here is some guy playing something..perhaps Hotel California..Then the sign that say I'm Yours..a LIE! I tried to roll the piano into the bathroom for kicks and it was all padlocked. Fun police strikes again. Then the NY Post interviewed Jerron about his playing for their on-line blog I guess.. They were very ipressed by the BME..and here's Blind Boy and Horatio going at it..And some punk rockers demanding to hear the theme song from Cheers. When the guy at the piano didn't know it-they preceded to sing it really loudly. Someone did play the Peanuts theme song which I loved..

Anyshmuck-the piano was in okay shape. No feces, urine or rigs were anywhere to be seen..However, I will keep an eye out for any signs of the piano turning into the Pee-ano. Har! I'm just so freakin' witty! I just KILL myself! Well, someone's gotta laugh right? So much drama lately..I'm happy to be going to France next week and get away for it all for a while. Summer in NYC is fun though in a psychotic way.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bobby Steele and The Undead

Bobby Steele and his band the Undead had a reunion show at Niagara Monday night..I like Bobby's voice and have played shows with him so I wandered over to take pics even though i've been feeling kinda under the weather still..Anycrap-it was pretty fun over there..Someone I ran into outside said it seemed like everyone in there looked like Iggy Pop's parents..but hey-we all get old I guess. Except for me because I bathe in the blood of virgins and drink botox. Bobby and his band sounded great and I took a mess of pics..

Here we have two ladies posing for has a bra on made from two flyers for the show. She was quite the character! Then some girl had some artwork next door that I snapped..and a pic of my friend Cable and Bobby together..Some shots of Bobby and The Undead and the crowd..This old lady who I was obsessed with..She was REALLY into the music, yelling along with the lyrics. She stole a piece of my heart that night. A close-up of Steele and one of the drummer..

It was so humid outside and so air conditioned and freezing in the bar..I kept running in and out feeling like I was delirious..Went and saw the film Cropsey today. It kinda sucked. Maybe I should have seen Human Centipede instead-at least I could have laughed at it. Micmacs was good though..I caught that last week.

This week I think i'm an extra in some film called Bleeker Street. I know nothing about it except I am portraying a tattooed girl at an open mic at a bar. I am pretty sure i can pull this off..

Friday, June 11, 2010

Punks, puppies, and the spider from Mars..

I love the hairy huge tarantula hanging from the ceiling at Mars's got it all..a cell phone, a NYC condom which will apparently break immediately upon using it, a pad of paper..It's adorable. So I took a pic of it. That's what i'm here for folks..

I've been sick but I have a hard time staying in..I get bored and I end up walking around even while people are telling me I look like i'm dying and should just go home. I kinda deny it then kinda collapse into a chair and pass out. I don't like being sick. It's boring and lame. I'm trying my best to stay indoors today. There should be enough Lifetime movies to keep me occupied.

Anyduh, here's a few pics of a punk and a cute little puppy..He was bringing it home to its mom so it could was 3 weeks old. And I just had to take a photo of the dumbest/bestest license plate ever I spotted on some fancy car. Is that for when he/she squeezes into a spot and scrapes the cars behind and ahead of him/her?

I was happy to hear today that students walked out of class in Bushwick to protest the end of the free metro card for students..Bloomberg blames the state not the city, and the students will probably end up getting people to buy them cigarettes, booze and then all fight over who is on Team Edward or Team Jacob..but should be free. I'm glad they walked out.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hail Atlantis.

That damn Donovan song is in my head..Hail Atlantis..Way down..below the ocean..lalalala!

Anyway, here are some random pics..Someone put those flyers up along 1st Avenue last week..I get annoyed when people stand there blocking the whole damn sidewalk so I am hoping thats what those flyers were saying..i dunno..

Then the Fuck Off old lady sticker that is everywhere..and a really sloppy sign looking for a "doo-wop"singer on Avenue C..Man, the only time I hear any doo-wop is when i'm on the subway and those groups of guys come through the cars singing for money..They are pretty damn good..

And me in my dream side-car bike..I want to sit in there and get driven cross was so cozy!