Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bobby Steele and The Undead

Bobby Steele and his band the Undead had a reunion show at Niagara Monday night..I like Bobby's voice and have played shows with him so I wandered over to take pics even though i've been feeling kinda under the weather still..Anycrap-it was pretty fun over there..Someone I ran into outside said it seemed like everyone in there looked like Iggy Pop's parents..but hey-we all get old I guess. Except for me because I bathe in the blood of virgins and drink botox. Bobby and his band sounded great and I took a mess of pics..

Here we have two ladies posing for has a bra on made from two flyers for the show. She was quite the character! Then some girl had some artwork next door that I snapped..and a pic of my friend Cable and Bobby together..Some shots of Bobby and The Undead and the crowd..This old lady who I was obsessed with..She was REALLY into the music, yelling along with the lyrics. She stole a piece of my heart that night. A close-up of Steele and one of the drummer..

It was so humid outside and so air conditioned and freezing in the bar..I kept running in and out feeling like I was delirious..Went and saw the film Cropsey today. It kinda sucked. Maybe I should have seen Human Centipede instead-at least I could have laughed at it. Micmacs was good though..I caught that last week.

This week I think i'm an extra in some film called Bleeker Street. I know nothing about it except I am portraying a tattooed girl at an open mic at a bar. I am pretty sure i can pull this off..


  1. when punks get old. So odd to wrap my head around. At 47, a slam pit would kill me now. ;)

  2. In the bottom photo, Bobby Steele looks like Keith Richard(s) about twenty years ago! The woman in the top photo is scaring me! I am repulsed yet I can not look away! ...Well, the photo will be good for a few masturbatory sessions, anyway! --Wait! Did I just say that?!?! Man, the things I say for laughs sometimes!?!? I am very ashamed right now, very ashamed...I'm bad, I know I am, and I should be punished, oh yeah, definitely punished...

  3. She WILL punish you. With her dentures. And sexy bikini.