Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hail Atlantis.

That damn Donovan song is in my head..Hail Atlantis..Way down..below the ocean..lalalala!

Anyway, here are some random pics..Someone put those flyers up along 1st Avenue last week..I get annoyed when people stand there blocking the whole damn sidewalk so I am hoping thats what those flyers were saying..i dunno..

Then the Fuck Off old lady sticker that is everywhere..and a really sloppy sign looking for a "doo-wop"singer on Avenue C..Man, the only time I hear any doo-wop is when i'm on the subway and those groups of guys come through the cars singing for money..They are pretty damn good..

And me in my dream side-car bike..I want to sit in there and get driven cross country..it was so cozy!


  1. Slum Goddess,
    Do you know who's awesome Vespa w/sidecar that is? My wife and I saw it in front of Sophie's and wanted to steal it! (Instead we just drank a lot of Sophie's booze.)

    Great work, thanks!

  2. No, I don't know who owns it..but I see it all the time..Love it! I can't resist hopping into that little sidecar..

  3. The "Atlantis" song was not popular in my day; well, not with its early title and themes, anyway. It was originally titled, "Sieg Heil! Atlantis!" And it had a story line of Atlantis exceptionalism and images of nuclear submarines or something, I can't remember. Upon the song's introduction, in concerts, Donovan would proclaim, "Sieg Heil! Atlantis!" while holding up a stiffly stretched-out right arm and exposed palm then launch into the song. Donovan got so much crap about that so he changed the title, shifted some of the song's images and allusions, and he dropped the arm gestures in introducing the song at concerts, thankfully! What was he thinking? He was also wise to go with "Sunshine Superman" after starting out with "Sunshine Uberman." Creativity can be a strange bird...editing is a beautiful gift, I suppose...

  4. Well, when I saw Donovan live he did goose step a little bit during Mellow Yellow..It made the audience go wild!