Monday, June 21, 2010

Pianos take over NYC..Too much Billy Joel can kill you though.

Well I got linked on curbed today for one of my Pee Phone posts..They were saying how the Play Me pianos that have popped up everywhere might be kinda gross in Tompkins Square Park judging by the gross yet undeniably erotic pay phone by Ray's..Well today I sunbathed in Tompkins and then went to check out the piano that is now there. My friends were there from the great band The Bill Murray Experience..and Blind Boy Paxton went nuts on the piano while Horatio played guitar and Jessy Carolina that was pretty damn awesome. However I did hear a lot of Piano Man by Billy Joel being played..Can't they at least play Vienna? Christ on a fucking Crutch!

Here is some guy playing something..perhaps Hotel California..Then the sign that say I'm Yours..a LIE! I tried to roll the piano into the bathroom for kicks and it was all padlocked. Fun police strikes again. Then the NY Post interviewed Jerron about his playing for their on-line blog I guess.. They were very ipressed by the BME..and here's Blind Boy and Horatio going at it..And some punk rockers demanding to hear the theme song from Cheers. When the guy at the piano didn't know it-they preceded to sing it really loudly. Someone did play the Peanuts theme song which I loved..

Anyshmuck-the piano was in okay shape. No feces, urine or rigs were anywhere to be seen..However, I will keep an eye out for any signs of the piano turning into the Pee-ano. Har! I'm just so freakin' witty! I just KILL myself! Well, someone's gotta laugh right? So much drama lately..I'm happy to be going to France next week and get away for it all for a while. Summer in NYC is fun though in a psychotic way.


  1. could have been worse...could have been that Donovan song again. Wait..did I just..crap, I'm sorry.

  2. I just want to remind you that the "Play Me, I'm Yours" Pee-ano may be a fair-weather, sexy, new friend and attractive for a few summertime trysts; but, Eden, please, remember that the Pee Phone has always been there for you--and always will be! In fact, the Pee Phone has always been there for everybody! Standing tall in the rain, sleet, snow, and through drunken puke of night! Sure, maybe the Pee Phone asks to be wined and dined with a little urine, feces and vomit before offering its charms, but damn it, Eden, that's really not too much to ask in exchange for unconditional affection, now is it?!?!?!

  3. Someone will play some Cat Stevens and I will swoon...
    It's true-the Pee Phone is ever loyal unlike most men and phones..It has always been the wind beneath my wings..My feelings for it run so deep..words cannot begin to describe..except maybe ME LIKEY PEE PHONE. That pretty much sums up my whole life.