Saturday, June 26, 2010

Pre-Gay Parade Drag March!

Yesterday was a pretty entertaining day here in rotten apple..First I had to go to court to pay a fine which got dismissed anyway..I kept giggling because the courtroom was so weird..everyone was there for an open container except for me-I was the only female there and I was there for "posting bills unlawfully." Harrumph. Everyone there seemed kinda drunk and when the names got called and the charges were "open container" everyone there hooted and clapped. Then I was called up for "graffiting" and everyone laughed at me..the judge was nice and kept asking questions about my band..I kept laughing and he said "keep on smiling" and dismissed me..Yes, he was stern yet fair.

Then I went to Tompkins Square Park and marched with the pre-gay parade drag march to 6th ave,,ALL of our heels were killing us by the time we got there chanting "we're here, we're queer-we're coming for your children!" in between singing the theme song from the Mary Tyler Moore show..

So here are a fucking goddamn buttload of I have some video i'll put up soon..A sandwich sign in honor of the parade..some guys dressed to the nines in some awesome costumes..I actually felt dressed down for once! My tutu was laughable..sob..!There were Harry Potter wizard queens, naked queens, fish-netted queens, old and young ones..It was freakin' grand! Then the one guy did the circle before the march where everyone sings that god loves fags and they know this because god is a dyke..So great..The Pantsless Avengers were pretty neat and I went as far as 6th avenue then turned around...

Got to Tompkins in time for a Beatles sing-a-long around the piano there which is in fine shape still..The guy who locked it up at 10pm is in a Beatles tribute band apparently..Then I hit Odessa Bar for some Michael Jackson was his birthday or deathday or something..Then suddenly it was like 7am and I went to bed..I am leaving for France Monday night so I guess i'm trying to do as much fun stuff as I can..France will be awesome too though..i'm excited..and nervous!


  1. Jesus often engaged in cross dressing (in fact, come to think of it, I've never ever seen a photo with Jesus and Mary Magdaline in the same room together...hmmm?!?); anyway, according to the Bible, there is considerable evidence--corroborated by all your better theological scholars--that Jesus, if not gay, was indeed pre-gay. He would have fit right in with this festive march! ...I have to admit, the guy with the green hair has a great pair of legs!

    The march looks kinda reminds me of the 5K run that used to happen on New Year's Eve in Central Park. Does that still happen?

    What is "graffiting"?

    ...Break a leg in France! Well, at least break a baguette, anyway! Maybe with some good stinky cheese and a Bourdeaux...I'm envious and am getting hungry thinking about good bread, cheese and wine; mostly I'm hungry, though. I don't really get envious, just embittered. Actually, it usually only borders on being embittered; it's mostly resentfulness I suffer from, really. Most people mistakenly think it's just plain old surliness--those damn people, with their fancy cars and expensive clothes, smokin' those big cigars and laughin' in their beers...I hate those people, hate 'em with a passion! Those kind of people killed my father; well, hurt him really badly...hurt his feelings...

  2. I'm gonna try not to pig out there. The food is so damn good compared to te fake processed crap we have here. Grafitting is posting a poster or sticker up on a pole. The whole thing was redunkulous. The judge was funny. I think he was in drag-a wig and dress? Cmon!