Thursday, June 3, 2010

Shit on the Street.

Well well well, Malik. You stud muffin. My friend Rose showed me this flyer she found in brooklyn I think. Malik wants a promiscuous gal wearing Daisy Dukes, and that will let him wear a condom. He likes tigers. This flyer is serious. WTF?! And the funny thing is, is that someone had taken one of the strips with his number on it. Well, maybe they want to prank call him. Or ask him about their daisy dukes. All I know is, Best. Flyer. Ever! Malik-that lovable scamp!

Then we have the sideshow couple that hangs out at Mars Bar at Ray's blowing up balloons and making an archway..and a bracelet for me which I am sporting next to some dude passed out. I wore that bracelet for a bit but everyone kept trying to pop it.


  1. I love the balloons! Even makes being passed out on the sidewalk somehow festive!

  2. Malik is perfect, except that I was looking for a guy who wants to do threesomes (2 guys, 1 girl). Sigh, back to internet dating...

    But seriously, I like how he put "ride subway" as one of his hobbies. This shows that he has outside interests and is not just your average sports loving slut seeker.

  3. He likes Tigers! He can't be all bad!