Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fuck You, I'm Batman.

Why did I drink so much monday night? Ugh..head hurting. I blame baby jesus and that damn jesus juice. Fuck a duck. Anydick-Here's a few funny pics..The new note on the jukebox at Mars Bar..True, that thing seems to have a mind of its own. I like when douchebags try to play Skrewdriver and bluegrass music comes on the best. Haw!
Then we have Beauty and the Beast..A flower next to a rig at Tompkins Square Park..Ah summer! Today there was a plastic shaving razor next to it too..The pile of items keeps growing whereas the pee phone has been pretty tidy lately.
Then the new Batman stickers that have been around town..its so illegal now to posts fliers and stickers yet they keep cropping up. I love it. This one is funny at least and makes no sense. Or perfect sense now that I think about it!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Some way too dark footage from Old Time night at Jalopy-but the sound is good!

Here is some video footage from Friday's night of old country blues at jalopy..Of course it's way too dark but the audio is decent..None of John and I yet but i'll have some by next week that's more pro looking done with a real camera and everything! Big Time!
Anyway, the night was fun as fuck and I hope we do another one soon..We have Pat Conte here..Big Leg Blues..Ari Eisinger who is amazing..and a video and a half from The Little Brothers..Frankie and Kim..All these musicians have stuff on youtybe and some can be found on my channel there edenbee or John's which is suprovalco...
I'll have some fun video footage of the show in the park tomorrow or the next day up..

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Gig tomorrow, Friday night at Jalopy Theater!

Welp, tomorrow night at Jalopy should be a fun night of old country blues..We play along with The Little Brothers, Pat Conte, and the amazing Ari Eisinger..$15 at the door....maybe can get in for a bit less if you don't have it..I put up some videos of the bands playing including one of John and I..Show starts at 8pm..East River goes on at 10pm.. Show is Friday-the 23rd..Smell ya there!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Just read my fucking shit.

Here are some pics..cause that's what my blog is. Photos of weird shit with obnoxious text to go along with it! I love life! First, there was some strange guy putting some kind of geisha makeup on on St. Marks the other night. Don;t know how he ended up looking at the end, but people were giving him money for this. If I go out there and put makeup on will I become rich? Food for thought..He was nice though.
Then we have me in Tompkins pretending to haughtily toss change to invisible buskers in tattered clothes. This is just a sample shot for our new CD Be Kind to a Man When He's Down hopefully coming out in November or December. I'm portraying a snooty bitch kindly giving change to John and Robert C. who will be sitting on the bench busking for dough. Har! I love it.
Then I got some snaps of the awesome new signs that Amy has made in honor of Ray's new product-Icy's. He has to compete with the Icy guy across the street he is making them now too. Good idea. Anywhore-I have a great show coming up at Jalopy this Friday..with awesome bands playing before and after us. We go on at ten and it's $15 to get in. I'll post more about this next time..

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Back in the Big Shitty..and the Saddle again.

Well, I am officially back to NYC blogging..I got some shots of David Peel and I at Manitoba's..I tried to ask him about John Lennon whom I love and he said something about him being like a tree or something like that which went on for a long ass time and I could make no sense of it. I love David Peel!
Then some lonely graffiti..NYC is a lonely town I guess..Then I went and saw Pat Carlin, George carlin's brother do some short stand-up..kinda surreal.
And someone PLEASE return Sammy! Those flyers are all over the place..Poor Sammy...Hope he's okay..
Sad to be back but have some exciting things in the works coming up so that helps..
Did you'all miss me? I'll be sure to do a drunken post soonish..

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Some more photos from France..Yup!

Here are the last of the pics from France I will put up..There's me hanging out at a pool, John and cartoonist Gilbert Shelton, some artwork that is in a cave gallery in Sauve..john and I with Aline and Robert, and Pete Poplaski and I. He is quite the character!
Then a few of us playing at the wedding..beautiful house with a big field to run around in..and a sketch of me in Sophie's upcoming book due out in November..I'll be writing more about that when the time comes..It's an awesome graphic novel filled with artwork from the time she starting drawing as a kid up until her life now..

Back from France!

Here are some pics from my trip to the South of France..It was a fun, mellow time. Played at a friends wedding with Robert C. and Fiddlin' Ian..went to a nude beach, recorded like a dozen songs with Robert..just had an all around fun was insane! A LOT of people there!
I took so many photos..i'll make another post with some more and just let the rest be provate-the actual wedding ones..
Here's the street in Sauve..some art on a pole and anarchy grafitti..Me sunbathing in an old graveyard, some old buldings that make up the being MAD in's a poster for Music, Art, and Dance..every weekend there were bands playing there..the bridge that led to our place there..Sophie and I being nasty..and me and Sophie's dog Puppers..I'll do some more pics now..then it'll be back to business..not ready to be back here at all..trying to stay in Europe all summer next year if we can get booked at paying fests..I hope!

Friday, July 2, 2010

France stuff..

Well no pics because that will just have to wait until I return..using someone's laptop to write a quick post..Pretty damn awesome many people who speak english are in town now because of the big wedding tomorrow..i'm not used to it!
Going to a party at a gallery in town tonight..playing a few tunes there too to warm up for the wedding party tomorrow afternoon..lotsa art world and publisher's here now..not sure who everyone is but the awesome Paul Morris is here from NYC..and Pete Poplowski who dressed up like zorro sometimes..not for the wedding though..and Gilbert Shelton famed cartoonist..
I'm taking lotsa pics..just won't get any online until a week and a half now..
After the wedding i'll be online more..may go to Spain for a night and hang out on the beach..The weather here is just like in NYC..muggy and!
More soon!