Thursday, July 15, 2010

Back from France!

Here are some pics from my trip to the South of France..It was a fun, mellow time. Played at a friends wedding with Robert C. and Fiddlin' Ian..went to a nude beach, recorded like a dozen songs with Robert..just had an all around fun was insane! A LOT of people there!
I took so many photos..i'll make another post with some more and just let the rest be provate-the actual wedding ones..
Here's the street in Sauve..some art on a pole and anarchy grafitti..Me sunbathing in an old graveyard, some old buldings that make up the being MAD in's a poster for Music, Art, and Dance..every weekend there were bands playing there..the bridge that led to our place there..Sophie and I being nasty..and me and Sophie's dog Puppers..I'll do some more pics now..then it'll be back to business..not ready to be back here at all..trying to stay in Europe all summer next year if we can get booked at paying fests..I hope!


  1. You look happy in France! ...Well, except for being mad in Sauve!

  2. Haha. I think I actually was mad in sauve for a day or so but then I was happy again!

  3. Bon retour, comme il est agreable de vous revoir!

  4. The photo of you and Sophie gives rise (some pun intended) to a variation on the meaning of the word "Francophile"!