Saturday, July 17, 2010

Back in the Big Shitty..and the Saddle again.

Well, I am officially back to NYC blogging..I got some shots of David Peel and I at Manitoba's..I tried to ask him about John Lennon whom I love and he said something about him being like a tree or something like that which went on for a long ass time and I could make no sense of it. I love David Peel!
Then some lonely graffiti..NYC is a lonely town I guess..Then I went and saw Pat Carlin, George carlin's brother do some short stand-up..kinda surreal.
And someone PLEASE return Sammy! Those flyers are all over the place..Poor Sammy...Hope he's okay..
Sad to be back but have some exciting things in the works coming up so that helps..
Did you'all miss me? I'll be sure to do a drunken post soonish..


  1. Yea! Drunken posts! And of course we missed you!

  2. Was Carlin's brother funny? Your description certainly didn't imply that.

  3. Awh! Sammy is so cute! ...Did we miss you? Hell, yeah, me missed you! I mean I didn't have an outlet for my ribald humor for, what was it, two weeks?!?! I got addicted to crack all over again, my girlfriend finally saw how much of an ass I am and left, my therapist finally saw how much of an ass I am and asked me to find another therapist, my neighbors (who normally adore me) have begun to give me looks of fear and suspicion, on and on...whew! Thank goodness you've returned! If you had stayed away much longer, I might have died! ...Well, at least become bitter, more bitter...a little more bitter.
    You know when you are away from your blog for so long, then the terrorists have won!

  4.'s nice to be missed. Carlin was okay-like Georgge Carlin light sorta..imitating his brother..He doesn't do stand-up much i was a short set..kinda funny. Nothing to write home about. Though I did write to my hunchbacked cross-eyed penpal in Thailand about it.