Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fuck You, I'm Batman.

Why did I drink so much monday night? Ugh..head hurting. I blame baby jesus and that damn jesus juice. Fuck a duck. Anydick-Here's a few funny pics..The new note on the jukebox at Mars Bar..True, that thing seems to have a mind of its own. I like when douchebags try to play Skrewdriver and bluegrass music comes on the best. Haw!
Then we have Beauty and the Beast..A flower next to a rig at Tompkins Square Park..Ah summer! Today there was a plastic shaving razor next to it too..The pile of items keeps growing whereas the pee phone has been pretty tidy lately.
Then the new Batman stickers that have been around town..its so illegal now to posts fliers and stickers yet they keep cropping up. I love it. This one is funny at least and makes no sense. Or perfect sense now that I think about it!


  1. Hey, if I were Batman, I'd go around saying, "fuck you, I'm Batman!" Or...wait for 'bout: "fuck you, I'm Batman; I'm not used to it!!!"

    ...I was going to say that the sign on the Mars Bar jukebox is too funny but, actually, it is just funny enough! "I'm not used to it!!!"

  2. Is that Adam West or Michael Keaton?

  3. I'm wondering what would Robin say? I'm going to guess: "I'm Robin, look at my underpants. There's a carnival going on in there."

  4. I'm gonna agree with Brett...and the sticker. Were I Batman, I'd be saying that to everyone. And seriously, who's going to challenge that?