Thursday, July 22, 2010

Gig tomorrow, Friday night at Jalopy Theater!

Welp, tomorrow night at Jalopy should be a fun night of old country blues..We play along with The Little Brothers, Pat Conte, and the amazing Ari Eisinger..$15 at the door....maybe can get in for a bit less if you don't have it..I put up some videos of the bands playing including one of John and I..Show starts at 8pm..East River goes on at 10pm.. Show is Friday-the 23rd..Smell ya there!


  1. Thanks for the videooze! That is an interesting song you are playing there on your guitar. I like Blues songs that have a major as the one, but go to a minor on the four; it makes for a haunting sound. I enjoyed all of the videos! Pat Conte has a really good sound (interesting guitar). Ari Eisinger is great!

  2. It's Last Kind Words..Geeshie Wiley..creepy as singing kinda sucks on it but i love that song..Ari is incredible-tongith should be fun..