Sunday, July 25, 2010

Some way too dark footage from Old Time night at Jalopy-but the sound is good!

Here is some video footage from Friday's night of old country blues at jalopy..Of course it's way too dark but the audio is decent..None of John and I yet but i'll have some by next week that's more pro looking done with a real camera and everything! Big Time!
Anyway, the night was fun as fuck and I hope we do another one soon..We have Pat Conte here..Big Leg Blues..Ari Eisinger who is amazing..and a video and a half from The Little Brothers..Frankie and Kim..All these musicians have stuff on youtybe and some can be found on my channel there edenbee or John's which is suprovalco...
I'll have some fun video footage of the show in the park tomorrow or the next day up..


  1. !...!...!
    ...I never heard the 'watch and chain' song (as I always called it) played as a male/female duet (Frankie and Kim) before; it works really well that way! Taj Mahal used to play that song, and he never played it as a duet--not even on the nights he did his ventriloquist act! It would have been so perfect!