Sunday, August 29, 2010

Show at Tompkins..

Well, Here are some pics from today's show at Tompkins..Star Fucking Hipsters played so it was packed but I just kinda hung out and saw people I haven't seen for a while and socialized..
Here are some of my lady pals with their adorable kids..
And ever since I was like 15 I remember this older lady with the orange bangs coming to every single punk show or ANY show in Tompkins and dancing like crazy the whole time. I swear, I feel like I grew up with her though I know nothing about her including her name..I love her! It's just not a show without her..She looks EXACTLY the same as when I was 15!
Then my friend Copper Cowboy dressed up like an open he is with Manny..Then a sign from Mars bar I just thought was funny..And lastly, a video of my friends band Dog That Bites Everyone, which has members of Choking Victim in it..Pezent Shayne and John Dolan..and Brett as a singer..

Friday, August 27, 2010

Leee Childers Birthday plus pole cozy.

This first pic is of some drug bags found in's an art piece at a gallery called Conartists I think by Ludlow..I wandered in there a few weeks ago and took some pics to put on here but somehow lost them all except for this one..Well their space was a collective of 15 artists and is in a cellar underground which is, of course, why I wandered in. They did have some cool shit down there..I like the Batman bag the best.
Then here is a pole someone put some knitting beads it says..Knit, Play, Love..perhaps a take-off on that awful looking Julia Roberts film Eat, Pray, Love..I saw them filming that thing in Tompkins last year and thought it was funny how EVERYONE was flipping out that Roberts was in the park, while no one recognized James Franco who is awesome. Think i'll skip THAT particular summer blockbuster though!
Then there is my friends Zach and Tanya who were at Leee Black Childers birthday party at The Delancey with me wednesday..A pic of Leee with his fancy cake and one of Leee and I. Now THAT man has some crazy stories-most sexual in nature I think. It was a fun party..There's a big show at Tompkins tomorrow..I'll be going to that and taking pics most starts at noon.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Well, I'm not exactly DRUNK blogging but since i'm hungover from last night's wine shenanigans I feel the need to share some of my most prized photos with you all! God, you are the luckiest people I know! You REALLY don't deserve me. Really.
Anyway, I got up early monday with the promise of being a "featured extra" on some film which Spike Lee is one of four executive producers on..Which don't mean shit of course..BUT I need some damn lines. I'm sick of my blurry back of the head being so famous..But they never got around to using me as The Bartender serving the principal some drinks..So I got annoyed and drank a whole bottle of wine I think. Which was awesome of course..Except for feeling like a gigantic pile of turds today that are wrapped in avocado in a delicious organic whole wheat pita. Anycooch-As per usual I blame the New World Order as should you. Goodnight and goodluck.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Extra stuff plus American Apparel-Less Pornographic?

I haven't blogged for a while, huh? I've been busy this past week I guess..Some cousins were in town, I played two gigs..and got a damn Aftra waiver for working on a rave scene and two other scenes on The Good Wife for 15 hours straight..Thank fuck I am now only working union jobs as BG..I actually will get paid decent money for walking back and forth in scenes for hours upon hours! When I checked off the box for 4 meal penalties and smoke pay I nearly cried in joy..Thank you baby jesus!
Here are some pics..Firstly, has American Apparel gone all modest with their ads or is this just for their fall line? See how the first poster is full of slutitude? And the second is downright prudish! Usually the "models" look like they are high on goofballs. I'm so confused!
Then we have a few cell pics from set..I had to get one of me in my "business" attire..We shot a scene in the NY1 office in the Chelsea Market..I got to tell Cheryl Willis how awesome I think she is! I was so excited, I couldn't stop talking about weather on the ones until everyone thought I was nuts.
There's a pic of me and my pal Mike on set-ugly shirts and so much fake blonde-ness! We were so tired and slap happy..everyone was passing out like that young gentlemen from the "rave" scene asleep in his food bowl. Then one of me on the set of my friends film "hulk" a weird indie film shot on real film in black and white! I really wanted to be a part of this film but I was in France when they filmed. But I did do one scene in a tavern where I actually vaguely had a line. It was fun..very hot on set though! Everyone was sweating like mad..
Anyway, there is lots of stuff going on this mics, a show in Tompkins..more extra work for me I think..I'll be blogging a lot more.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Some random shit that I think is funny and you probably won't.

Well, I drank a lot of vodka last night, had lots of fun, then threw up a lot of vodka this afternoon..Good times! Anycooter, here are some pics i've just had on my desktop forever. A Snuggie™ someone threw away..How could they??!!! It being 90 degrees everyday is no excuse for that kind of shabby treatment. Fuckers. Then a sign at Jalopy a kid made to explain why they wouldn't be sad..and cute!
Then a kinda funny sticker I saw somewhere..also A sign about not killing some flowers that was right above a bunch of dead flowers..Oh-the irony! And a bottle of champagne my friend had called Bubbly Bitch..on the back it just says bubby bitch over and over..Har!
I got a busy week coming up kinda..but i'll try to blog still. If I don't, the world will basically end after all..

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bowery Poetry Club Open Mic plus mars bar fun!

Oh boy! This week is chock full of fun much shit going on..and i'm glad because I want to run around doing crazy shit as much as I can before the fall starts and my work may pick up(hopefully!) Here are a crackload of pics from last night at Mars bar and The Bowery Poetry Club..We got Ann Lynch who is awesome and a really annoying guy from Croatia with the Mary statue..Then the guy at Mars bar who has been hitting on me for a year, never remembers my name or that I punched him in the head a few months ago. I love him!
Then the talented Tim Shea and I..He performs at the Bowery open mic and at Penny's open mic too..Then the Croatian dude..he had just finished telling me how boring my life is and how I'm an idiot. I told him Tim was my twin brother and we had just killed our parents together. He still thought we were boring. Then a funny shark poster at Mars..and Jerry Foust being...himself.
And last but certainly not least two videos from the open mic..My personal favorites..Ann Lynch doing stand up..I missed some of the best parts that involved a fake penis..and Don Eng dancing around..
Tonight I got to Lakeside Lounge to see The Enablers..and later to wish a friend happy birthday at the bar..Wednesday is Skits N Tits at Bowery which is always entertaining. Smell ya later!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Dog That Bites Everyone Show at Csquat

Here are a mess o' pics from a show at csquat last week..the band Dog that Bites Everyone played which has two ex-members of Choking Victim in it..These pics are just a mix of all kinds of shit..the pretend bed and breakfast in front of C..with Renata and I at the table..then there is Dave and Mimi being all cute..The band playing-Brett and Shayne..John Dolan..a small pic of me as a PBR of the beautiful Renata and I..the band..
A sticker on someone's fridge..some ladies watching the show..and there was a wheelbarrow full of beer which was kinda funny...and vanished rather quickly!