Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bowery Poetry Club Open Mic plus mars bar fun!

Oh boy! This week is chock full of fun times..so much shit going on..and i'm glad because I want to run around doing crazy shit as much as I can before the fall starts and my work may pick up(hopefully!) Here are a crackload of pics from last night at Mars bar and The Bowery Poetry Club..We got Ann Lynch who is awesome and a really annoying guy from Croatia with the Mary statue..Then the guy at Mars bar who has been hitting on me for a year, never remembers my name or that I punched him in the head a few months ago. I love him!
Then the talented Tim Shea and I..He performs at the Bowery open mic and at Penny's open mic too..Then the Croatian dude..he had just finished telling me how boring my life is and how I'm an idiot. I told him Tim was my twin brother and we had just killed our parents together. He still thought we were boring. Then a funny shark poster at Mars..and Jerry Foust being...himself.
And last but certainly not least two videos from the open mic..My personal favorites..Ann Lynch doing stand up..I missed some of the best parts that involved a fake penis..and Don Eng dancing around..
Tonight I got to Lakeside Lounge to see The Enablers..and later to wish a friend happy birthday at the bar..Wednesday is Skits N Tits at Bowery which is always entertaining. Smell ya later!


  1. Those Croats, with their pseudo-intellectual, faux Euro-trash sensibilities, always breathing down your neck, feigning being bored at your conversation...sheesh! I hate that! That's just crap! I wish I had a dime for every pseudo-intellectual, faux Euro-trash Croat I've met, especially the ones who think everybody's boring and an idiot; I'd be a rich man!! ...I'll bet he never killed HIS parents!!!

  2. He killed an ant I think. Or aunt.