Friday, August 20, 2010

Extra stuff plus American Apparel-Less Pornographic?

I haven't blogged for a while, huh? I've been busy this past week I guess..Some cousins were in town, I played two gigs..and got a damn Aftra waiver for working on a rave scene and two other scenes on The Good Wife for 15 hours straight..Thank fuck I am now only working union jobs as BG..I actually will get paid decent money for walking back and forth in scenes for hours upon hours! When I checked off the box for 4 meal penalties and smoke pay I nearly cried in joy..Thank you baby jesus!
Here are some pics..Firstly, has American Apparel gone all modest with their ads or is this just for their fall line? See how the first poster is full of slutitude? And the second is downright prudish! Usually the "models" look like they are high on goofballs. I'm so confused!
Then we have a few cell pics from set..I had to get one of me in my "business" attire..We shot a scene in the NY1 office in the Chelsea Market..I got to tell Cheryl Willis how awesome I think she is! I was so excited, I couldn't stop talking about weather on the ones until everyone thought I was nuts.
There's a pic of me and my pal Mike on set-ugly shirts and so much fake blonde-ness! We were so tired and slap happy..everyone was passing out like that young gentlemen from the "rave" scene asleep in his food bowl. Then one of me on the set of my friends film "hulk" a weird indie film shot on real film in black and white! I really wanted to be a part of this film but I was in France when they filmed. But I did do one scene in a tavern where I actually vaguely had a line. It was fun..very hot on set though! Everyone was sweating like mad..
Anyway, there is lots of stuff going on this mics, a show in Tompkins..more extra work for me I think..I'll be blogging a lot more.


  1. The one of you in your "business" attire, where you are holding up your phone to take the shot, looked at first as if you were wearing a big, gaudy, gold earring, but then I noticed it was the doorknob behind you...the photo above that is really cool! (Even aside from looking as if you are interviewing for a bondage film.) ...I do object to your characterization of the first American Apparel model as being full of "slutitude." When did it start being wrong to have a wholesome smile AND a cute little smackable ass?

    I met a young woman last night from none other than Eden, North Carolina! Being the name dropper that I am, I mentioned to her, "I actually am very close friends with Empress Eden, the deity for whom your quaint little town is named." The woman clearly became awestruck. I inquired if she had seen you at the Charlie Poole festival last year...sadly, "no," she offered, but she said she's time...I told her that I'd put in a good word but that such an act would be too opportunistic...she said she understood. (I hated to see her walk away so forlorn, but, you know, she ought to be grateful, she is at least allowed to live in your town!)

  2. Yeah, that weird pic is from the film Hulk that my friend aaron is's shot in film and black and white and I was in France when they filmed it or I may have had a bigger role in it..I just did one's a really strange, David Lynch type thing-they are smearing "dirt" on my face and I am saying my one line into the camera which was kinda odd as I have it engrained in me to NOT look at the camera and the red light!
    Tell that women you met the Eden NC is un der my command, and she is VERY lucky I have not poisoned her drinking water yet. If they keep acting up like that-I will make sure their crops dry up next year.