Friday, August 27, 2010

Leee Childers Birthday plus pole cozy.

This first pic is of some drug bags found in's an art piece at a gallery called Conartists I think by Ludlow..I wandered in there a few weeks ago and took some pics to put on here but somehow lost them all except for this one..Well their space was a collective of 15 artists and is in a cellar underground which is, of course, why I wandered in. They did have some cool shit down there..I like the Batman bag the best.
Then here is a pole someone put some knitting beads it says..Knit, Play, Love..perhaps a take-off on that awful looking Julia Roberts film Eat, Pray, Love..I saw them filming that thing in Tompkins last year and thought it was funny how EVERYONE was flipping out that Roberts was in the park, while no one recognized James Franco who is awesome. Think i'll skip THAT particular summer blockbuster though!
Then there is my friends Zach and Tanya who were at Leee Black Childers birthday party at The Delancey with me wednesday..A pic of Leee with his fancy cake and one of Leee and I. Now THAT man has some crazy stories-most sexual in nature I think. It was a fun party..There's a big show at Tompkins tomorrow..I'll be going to that and taking pics most starts at noon.

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  1. I was relieved to read that the photos of the man at his birthday celebration were of Leee Black Childers! I really thought they were of Harvey Korman's birthday party at first, which was a little unsettling, to say the least, because 1) Harvey Korman has been dead for a couple of years, and I thought, "oh, great, here we go again, another third-rate celebrity "comedian" type whose estate is trying to wring out some cheap, postmortem publicity..." and, 2) I consider it MY intellectual property to have my highly-embalmed corpse appear at one of MY posthumous birthday parties, which then lead me to a panic-riddled thought, "fuck, I can't afford ANOTHER copyright infringement lawsuit!" ...So, happy birthday, Mr. Childers, and I am glad you're not Harvey Korman!