Sunday, August 29, 2010

Show at Tompkins..

Well, Here are some pics from today's show at Tompkins..Star Fucking Hipsters played so it was packed but I just kinda hung out and saw people I haven't seen for a while and socialized..
Here are some of my lady pals with their adorable kids..
And ever since I was like 15 I remember this older lady with the orange bangs coming to every single punk show or ANY show in Tompkins and dancing like crazy the whole time. I swear, I feel like I grew up with her though I know nothing about her including her name..I love her! It's just not a show without her..She looks EXACTLY the same as when I was 15!
Then my friend Copper Cowboy dressed up like an open he is with Manny..Then a sign from Mars bar I just thought was funny..And lastly, a video of my friends band Dog That Bites Everyone, which has members of Choking Victim in it..Pezent Shayne and John Dolan..and Brett as a singer..


  1. Who is this "Brett as a singer" you speak of? I thought I had all of my rivals "taken care of"!?!?! ...You know, Eden, we could have all peacefully coexisted--we even made some genuine attempts at our monthly meetings--but, no, those other Bretts just don't seem to know their place!

  2. I am the only Brett there can be only one...

  3. And Jack...yes. You Bretts need to have a cage fight and charge people to
    come and watch. And wear capes. And banana hammocks.

  4. OH!!!!! Why didn't you say you were talking about "The Biggest Pants" Brett?!?! That's different! ...hehe...We cool, 'Pants (if I may call you that). It's those other Bretts that need relegation, flow show! We could still have a cage match, I guess, and definitely still wear capes...oh, and definitely charge people to watch....Maybe we could fight a couple of banana hammocks in a cage? I'll bet somebody would pay to see that!