Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sideways cops eating hot dogs at 9th Precinct bbq!

Ahem. I apologize in advance for the sideways video of the cop on stilts..That really could be the best video I have ever taken and I screwed it up and can't make it right side up! There's a life lesson in there somewhere but I don't really care about that!
This is the annual cop block party that went on today in front of the 9th Precinct..What can I say? It had EVERYTHING!! Clowns making balloon hats for kids, a bouncy spiderman thingy I almost crawled into..A cop dancing to Michael Jackson on STILTS! Hot dogs, a two man band..and demos on how to protect yourself from rogues and thieves!
I saw just about every cop there who has ever given me a ticket for my shenanigans which are pretty much nada...flyering for my band and such... and they were very nice and asked about my tattoos and band. Yes, for reals, yo. They love me, yet love me! Anyway, I told them my damn ticket got thrown out..
Anycop, it was fun as always and I REALLY wish I could flip that damn video!!! It may have won me the Nobel Peace Prize!!!!



  2. No prob on the video! I crazy glued my shoes to the wall and stood parallel to the floor to watch it! That cop WAS breakin' it down, as they say...or, actually, I think you said that! ...Interestingly, I just got a ticket (for speeding) today! It was fun! The cop asked me, "do you know how fast you were going?" I said, "you're the fascist pig, you tell me you Nazi ass!" Well...those weren't my exact words...actually, I think I said (high-pitched voice, cracking), "no sir, I don't, officer."

  3. I just turned my computer monitor sideways...awesome photos!

  4. Dammit, I knew they'd bring out that cop on stilts and I missed him again!

    Did you catch the old guy playing Danny Boy on the keyboard? That was enough to make me cry...and not in a good way.

  5. Is that link for mac too or just PC?