Thursday, August 12, 2010

Some random shit that I think is funny and you probably won't.

Well, I drank a lot of vodka last night, had lots of fun, then threw up a lot of vodka this afternoon..Good times! Anycooter, here are some pics i've just had on my desktop forever. A Snuggie™ someone threw away..How could they??!!! It being 90 degrees everyday is no excuse for that kind of shabby treatment. Fuckers. Then a sign at Jalopy a kid made to explain why they wouldn't be sad..and cute!
Then a kinda funny sticker I saw somewhere..also A sign about not killing some flowers that was right above a bunch of dead flowers..Oh-the irony! And a bottle of champagne my friend had called Bubbly Bitch..on the back it just says bubby bitch over and over..Har!
I got a busy week coming up kinda..but i'll try to blog still. If I don't, the world will basically end after all..


  1. I FAIL to see the humor in the reckless abandonment of a Snuggie™

    Though, it is pink...heh.

  2. Agreed! The owner of that discarded Snuggie™ should be charged with neglect, nay abuse!!! Such wanton disregard for a perfectly fine and functional Snuggie™ can reflect poorly on an entire community...Were Snuggie™ Protective Services called?

  3. I called and called the number I had for them, but all I got for my effort was this AMAZING LIMITED TIME OFFER FOR A SLAP-CHOP!!! hey said to call NOW so I did!