Monday, September 27, 2010

Emleigh Wolf, Man Pain, and assorted odd photos.

Okay, here are some random pics..I am tired as I stayed up til late late last night talking about weird documentaries I love..Now I'm awake and am going to watch The Cove probably which will make me want to slit my wrists..I hate humans. I want to live on Chimp Island and feed the dolphins. Or pass gas on them..something..anything..

First pic is at the newly reopened flea market on Avenue A and 11th st lot. Yay! I get so much good stuff there for cheap..The sight of junk laying on blankets makes me really happy..I actually have dreams that i'm shopping and finding great clothes and stuff..I'm such a girl, really. Or one of The Greys. Or both. I want to be beamed up to Fluffy Pink Cat Island and have my own unicorn. Then to offset the flea market, we have the huge Limo bus. I went in for a minute and, much like my experience in the party bus-it seemed all sticky and smelled like regret.

Then just two pics I thought were funny..Poop, Bling and the Fiesta Hydrant. Hurrah.

And here is the very funny Emleigh Wolf performing at Penny's Open Mic at the Theater Under St. Marks..It's every tuesday at 9:00pmish. Man Pain!


  1. The Cove is incredible. And the issue is still alive. It's hard to feel good about humankind after watching it. And you'll never go to SeaWorld again.

  2. I'm already pretty aware of the issues..and places like Seaworld and Zoo's disgust me..but i'm still putting off watching this one..I know it's just really going to kill me...