Friday, September 17, 2010

The Fame Game..

Just a quick post to self promote myself because an entire blog dedicated to my lame life is just NOT ENOUGH!

Newsflash: If you can't get enough of me or you hate my guts and like making fun of me please follow me on Twitter..under Eden_Brower. I really don't know how the fuck it works but I DO know that 50 Cent is nuts and taking up my whole feed. WTF? Wotta freak! I'll try my hand at tweeting and twattering so my stalkers can know exactly where I am and what i'm doing. It's only fair..

Also I just joined AFTRA today..finally! So all you union busters can suck my dick! I almost have a real job now if I keep getting calls..After my scene of slutitude with Leguizamo who is very nice..I think I really do want to pursue acting along with the band of course..Life should be doing what you love and if you can make money at it then you got it made. I, myself just want everyone to love me due to a poor childhood and a bad hair life. Someone make me famous quick before I turn 50. For reals, yo.

And lastly but not leastly..I went to The Delancey last night to see a show..been catching a lot of shows lately and there are two Enablers gigs coming up..yay! Here is a funny song by Kill the Band featuring Killy Dwyer singer and perfomer and just all around swell gal I think..She needs to be more famous too. As does my cat Delgado. Here's her doing Ben Kingsley. Catch her playing if you can around town..East River String Band has a gig in October at Jalopy and maybe one at Banjo Jim's too perhaps..

Here's Killy...


  1. I want to announce here that my entire acting career has been faked, a performance, and it is not who I really am. I know this has confused a lot of people.

  2. Are you acting now? I can't tell...Stop!

  3. I've done quite a lot of acting in my day...well, more acting out, at least...I know this has caused confusion among people. I, for one, have been very confused by it