Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Good, The Bad..and The Fugly.

Well, things are pretty, pretty good...the bad was that my cat harlequinn seemed on her deathbed yesterday and the night before..not drinking water, not eating much..puking and shitting abounding..Couldn't take her to her regular vet til thursday..then suddenly today she is back to her old lovey self..They are running new pipes in our bathroom all week and maybe she inhaled or ate some plaster or something..I always get freaked out about cancer since my Junior dog went through chemo and died-worst year of my life almost..But she seems more than swell now and i'm so so glad..She's a rescue and has always been sensitive...She almost got killed when a pit bull locked on her once-i found her hiding behind drywall two days after she was taken by the neck and shaken..I got the dog off her by pouring old beer up it's nose..Yeesh!

Anyfart, she is good and i'm glad. Now this first pic is of some Blood candy being sold at rite-aid..I know vampires are in and all..and i've always had a fondness for biting people...but this is candy? An IV of blood? Damn, what happened to giving kids apples with razor blades in them? Apples dyed and waxed and pumped with unhealthy shit? I miss my childhood! I think i'll be New World Order Barbie™ for halloween this year. I love that damn holiday.

Then a quite stern sign put on some bikes chained up somewhere..Sign, sign, everywhere a sign...THEN, most wonderously, I had my first "featured" extra role on Fugly, the John Leguizamo film being shot right now! I am definitely in this one..not just the back of my head..I pass him my number in a copy of Othello then look him up and down while licking my lips seductively..which was hard to do because he was doing the same thing with his toungue and making me laugh until it turned into me making the international sign for a BJ while giggling like a dork. I did okay I think..and it was neat and quite new to be referred to as the "talent" and have the whole crew know my name and assure me I did good..sigh...John L. said he liked old blues and wants to come to my gigs so i gave him my Cd and he turned out to be a big fan of Crumb so that was neat..This film is his semi-autobiography I guess..It also has Ally Sheedy in it and an actor from Silence of the lambs which impressed me more than anything else..All in all a good day and I got to act! Like a whorebag sure..but STILL! I knew ACTING like I know how to act would someday turn into actual ACTING! I fooled them all! Though I did ask Leguizamo if he was gay..Well? I thought he was! My number was 555-6969 by the way..Those pics are of the 80's wigs we had to wear..It was fun dressing up all 80's with the other gals..I knew at least 4 or 5 people from other sets..

Well, I'll try to blog more this week..I attended a grudge match at Marfa..and I'll go out adventuring!!
Eden Bee-slutbag #1!


  1. Ally Sheedy?!?I want her to be my lesbian lover after my sex change,Was she still hawt!?!

  2. That one with the wig makes you look like a younger, blonder, better-looking Pat Benatar, with better-proportioned teeth---not that Pat Benatar's teeth aren't to be commended for their love of freedom, mind you---and I suddenly have an urge to stay out all night dancing, doing coke off a public restroom sink counter and general, unspecified mischief...

  3. Ally wasn't there..but I love her so..I looked bizarre but better after they did my make-up..more 80's and less Rod Stewart..I love Pat too..