Monday, September 6, 2010

HI Aunt Flo! Glad you dropped by. Now go away, bitch.

It's tough being a woman..Every month this strange thing happens which makes you want to peel your skin off, rip out your eyeballs, punch men, and go out serial killing. However, I just take painkillers. It's much easier and far less messy. Went and saw The Last Exorcism tonight..It was lame as expected. The Exorcist still scares the crap out of me, but if you can't get it together to make a good film like least go over the top with gore and disturbing Martyrs or Inside. This was just...blah. Not scary, not atmospheric, no decent effects, acting so-so. So I give it one and a half taints. Watch The Thing instead which still holds up before Michael Bay decides to remake it with Keanu Reeves as the star..I saw Keanu eating on Avenue A the other day..He looked quite....Keanu-ish. Damn mouth-breather. Food Eater.
Anyway, I'm all crampy and don't feel up to par so I will post some artwork of what my dreams will be like tonight..And a weird collage photoshopped pic of me some weirdo put on my myspace page..No wonder I stopped logging in there. Oh, and I got a new phone just in case you were losing sleep over that one.


  1. I miss NY. I will follow you to get a taste of the city once again. Great Blog

  2. Does Keanu chew with his mouth open? ...Is that a photo of Charlie Manson photoshopped in the first pic.? You have to admit, hey, granted, the man may be a psychopath, but he's got great hair! ...Speaking of bad dreams, I, too, had a dream last night with both Jesus AND Lincoln in it!!! Talk about a nightmare!!

  3. Hope you are ok. Sorry to hear about the mugging.