Saturday, September 11, 2010

Howl Festival at Tompkins Square Park

Here are a messload of pics of some of the art around the park for this weekends Howl festivities at Tompkins..Tomorrow I play at 5:30pm til 6pm at the lower east side girl's club circus stage in the lot on tenth st..Circus Amok will also be performing-hope I can catch them-they are amazing!
So my friend Copper Cowboy is in here somewhere doing his copper robot thing..and my friend Amy painting an eerie awesome piece of work..And Touching You's anti-bloomberg piece..and Daniella La Bocca's tribute to the goddess and the LES..and of course, the guy who draws the people sunbathing on Mount Booby in bathing suits..and Chico was there as well doing a mural..And the LES Girl's club had some great sideshow like paintings up and a mechanical merry-go-round and a mobile giant girl's chair which I will try and get video of manana..
Tomorrow will bring more art and music..and ME ME ME! I hope it don't rain..


  1. I love the You're under arrest Bloomberg art.

  2. That's Christopher Brodeur who ran for mayor..