Thursday, September 9, 2010

Howl Festival coming up..

Alrighty constant readers..This week and upcoming weekend are just bursting with creativity and outrageousness. That is because it is the annual HOWL festival...As you can see by the schedule of events, there is much going on..Angel Headed Hipsters just love that dirty talking, gay, drug addled free spirited, jewish daddy-o, Allen Ginsberg. Or people have no idea who the hell he was and just want to get all freaky and read poetry. Either way, I approve. I will try and make some of these "happenings" and blog about them..East River String Band is playing as part of the fest and the Lower East Side Girls Club circus stage in Tompkins Square Park this Sunday on the North Stage on 10th st(weather permitting!) at 5:30pm. Reverend Billy will be performing there too at 12:30 I think..
Anysars, I attended Jennifer Blowdryer's Bitches Guide to the Lower East Side at Theater 80 last night..It was fun and here are two videos for your viewing pleasure. One is Jennifer reading from her works about the LES..The other is Shecky Beagleman channeling the heart and soul of the 'hood..Then because Septmeber 11th is coming up..I'm putting up this video my friend Corey sent me about burning the Quran. I expect ground zero will be a madhouse this year..and not only due to Nico Haupt this time! Though, of course Nico will be there..between the threats of burning and the mosque being built..Man! My sign proclaiming "The End is Nigh" will just go unnoticed I fear.
Then I took a pic of the HOWL Fest flyer outside of Theatre 80..and one of my friend Jai I found amusing. Life is good-o these days..Besides still not being in AFTRA and the threat of rain ruining the weekend, I can't complain. But I will try to find something to complain about because I know you are expecting it..Hmm..Why the FUCKING HELL DID J.K. ROWLING HAVE TO KILL OFF MY FAVORITE CHARACTER IN THE LAST HARRY POTTER BOOK!!!!!!???? Yes, I read all 7 of the damn things. They are amazing so shut the hell up. I felt VERY upset by how many characters I liked got killed off. She showed NO mercy! I plan to send her thousands of letters complaining as soon as I feel less lazy. And after I stalk Amy Sedaris at the Bust Fair.

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