Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I'm Gonna Get You Sukkah.

Okay, so I passed by Union Square a few days ago and saw all these modern art looking Sukkah's and was kinda freaked out. Last time there was one there I was attacked by jews who somehow can always sense another jew and they dragged me into it and made me do a prayer and yelled at me when I pronounced things wrong..Scared for life I tell you..sniff...

But apparently these very strange Sukkot were part of this project and Mayor Douchebag chose a winner..I took a bunch of pics of 'em and here they are. It was kinda more funny when I didn't understand what was going on and I pictured all these hassidic jews dropping acid and special K and building these structures..My favorite one is, of course, the one made of homeless panhandling signs that were bought off of various people.

Anyass, I'm gonna get outdoors and enjoy this awesome warmness going on out there..then head to Bowery Poetry maybe for Reverend jen's Anti-Slam open mic shindig..


  1. Two signs caught my attention: the "Too ugly to prostitute" one and "Shitty Advice $1" one can take away one's sense of humor! (Or "humour" as the Brits say)...real humor isn't just funny but something that has tragedy in it...

    If I were a Republican I could say something like, "I don't understand homelessness; why don't they simply stay in one of their vacation homes? Every estate has a guest house, doesn't it? In my day, when stocks were down, we just wintered in Europe on our yacht!"

    My fear is that I'll outlive my money is growing thin, and I still feel relatively healthy--YIKES! I'd better start abusing my body again--and soon!

  2. Isn't melancholy one of the four Humors? I feel very melancholy about how global warming has destroyed my yacht and summer home. Bah. Life just isn't fair.