Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mars bar. Feel the love!

Well here are some very normal, very sweet, loving pics from Mars bar the other night..Everyone was in a good mood and just wanted to have their photos taken being all lovey and shit..Except for Yannis and I at the top one..I find him incredibly annoying and have punched him in the head several times which he either doesn't remember or doesn't care about. He likes to invite me to his place..I said i would only go if he had a hot tub and he wasn't there.

Then we have Shayne, Leee Black Childers(famed photographer and Mars Bar regular!), and I..Sheikera, Shayne and Gregory S., Gregory and I, Greg and Leee, Leee and I..and Shayne and Leee..Leee took some pics too which I'm sure are way better but I haven't seen them..

Let's see..what's new..what's new...welp..I'll be applying for all kinds of AFTRA work if I can this fall now that i've joined..doing exteriors in the cold won't bother me-I lived without heat and peed in a bucket for over a decade...I am VERY hungover today due to my new obsession with margaritas. I'm planning to go see On the Bowery this week-it looks freakin' awesome! The Enablers are playing Theatre 80 this Friday-a Tribute to Carnaby St so that'll be fun..I think there is a show in Tompkins Sunday..just all kinds of stuff going on PLUS 80 degree weather all week! FUCK YEAH!

Also, my headshots and (sparse) resume are going to be passed on to the extras casting folks on Friday at SNL. If I can be a BG extra on that show I will crap my pants with happiness. In fact i'll crap YOUR pants as well! I LOVE Will Forte and Kristen Wiig! If I'm on there as an extra I will do my best to be funny and make them love me.

Anycrack..smell you all later!

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