Monday, September 27, 2010

Shameless Self Promotion..

Okay, So I do feel a little bit of shame but this blog is supposed to be my SECRET online diary which all kinds of strangers read. BUT, since East River String Band will be playing for hours upon hours at Le Pescadeux a fancy french eatery this wednesday from 7-10pm..I figure I will post some videos of us playing..some old and some new..The place is at 90 Thompson St in SOHO. Yeah, we are all fancy-that's how we do. So here is some music. This my shit, this my shit...

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  1. Interesting song, that "Rolling Log Blues." I like it! I thought the key of "Nobody's Business If I Do" was an interesting choice--F#, or at least I was playing along with the video in F# anyway. I like F#; it's like F only sharper! ...Anywhooz, break a leg, and try the escargot before it is escar-gone! ...I think playing at a French restaurant is a good choice; you guys have joie de vivre out the yin-yang!!