Saturday, October 30, 2010

Csquat Show and Party Halloween Madness!

Wow! What a fun night at Csquat yesterday..Bands played, everyone wore party til after 4am..I somehow ended up dressed as Death from the Sandman Comics..But there were a lot of creative get ups there I was glad to see..Nary a Ricky's lame-o costume in sight! Here are a messload of pics from the party..FUN TIMES! My old pals Stacy and Toby were in town so it was extra special..

Friday, October 29, 2010

Open Mic madness! Three videos for your enjoyment.

Well, been busy lately and perhaps been having a little too much fun... but have hit some open mics..Here are three videos from three different performers..Especially MANGINA! We have Patrick "Mangina" with his awesome stump at Bowery..The talented Peter De Giglio doing "The Skinny" at Penny's Open Mic..and a funny and so wonderfully politically incorrect lesbian comic at penny's..Enjoy pals and gals..! I will have some good blogs coming up this week...My pal Sophie Crumb has an awesome new book out."The Evolution of a Crazy Artist." She'll be in NYC with her pops this coming week promoting it..Plus, I have a super big show ay Jalopy Theater coming up...lotsa pics and videos to follow of it all soon!

If you want to book Peter De Giglio contact him at

Some exciting things in the works lately...I've been celebrating life with a lot of wine lately..Well, it's better than crack!

Friday, October 22, 2010

John Murdoch-Balloon Man's Show at Marfa

Here are some ballon pics from John Murdoch's balloon show at Marfa..He has been blowing up penis balloons and other stuff at Lucky Cheng's for years..and is quite good at it..Here are some pics from a show he had last week..Included are a duct taped balloon, 9/11 penis balloons, Dick Cheney's REAL Facebook Page! And Cheney shooting friends by accident and on purpose(R rated!), an octopus balloon and an Obama Tea Party themed one..It was a fun show with bands playing all night..I got there a bit late and meant to take video too..
Ah well..Been fairly busy lately with a big show coming up next week..Also Sophie Crumb will be having a gallery opening first week of November which I will write about shortly..

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Craig Judelman, Blind Boy Paxton AND Peter De Giglio!

Here are two videos..comedy and music..One is really dark footage at Banjo Jim's and my camera is all shaky cause there were like 150 people a tiny space..but you can hear Craig Judelman, Blind Boy Paxton doing the end of Honeysuckle Rose, I Ain't Got Nobody, and then Feral Foster joining in with great vocals on After You've Gone..They sounded awesome..I guess because they ARE awesome!

Then we have Peter De Giglio at Penny's Open Mic doing bringing you the Skinny which covers topical subjects and is hilarious..and a tiny part of his funny Facebook Round-Up which updates what people at Penny's write on their pages..Unfortunately, he ran out of time..He's there every tuesday though! So come out! Theater Under St. Marks..

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Continuing story of Carla Rhodes!

Man, I haven't blogged in a long ass time! Can't say I've been working too much..not much AFTRA work for me lately..Bah. Sloooow time I guess. Or I just plain old suck! But i've been to a buttload of open mics and shows lately..even got into the wrap party for John Leguizamo's film FUGLY...which was fun AND very swanky! I think I ate lobster but they had an open bar with vodka so who knows..John L remembered me though and said he plans to listen to my CD soon..

Anypoop, I went to Arlene's Grocery the other night and saw my friend Carla Rhodes do her act for the first time..She mixes songs and the story of her quest for fame in NYC with ventriloquism. Very unique act! It was really impressive..It's about following your dreams..and I dream about her dummy Cecil every night..What a hottie with a body!

Here are a few clips from the show! Go catch her act if you can!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Some Bowery Open Mic stuff

Here are a few videos from last weeks open mic at Bowery Poetry Club..I have learned that when you sit in the front row, and you are one out of three girls that are in attendance, you get A LOT of attention,including getting called a "teddy" and getting a fake flower from a clown who later took it back..sniffle..
Anywhore, Here is the "Blaze Up Clique" talking about "teddy's", Ahem. Yes, really. And the clown..and the very funny Jessica Delfino doing two songs..this past monday, she sang about taking back back fat...I wish I taped it. I was too busy getting blacked out drunk with Jim Gaffigan and his wife..I was drunk at least, maybe not them. They were funny though..and I think I was too from what I can remember..I started out at Liam McEneaney's Tell Your Friends at Lolita Bar which was awesome..Then drank my way to Bowery, got wasted, craziness ensued and I stumbled to Odessa Bar until late late late..Then I woke up and as the bits and pieces of my night came back to me..little by little..I vowed to be productive the next week. So I am trying to book some shows in Italy and at music festivals or next spring and summer..Our new CD ia done, just waiting on Crumb to send the artwork'll be out in about a month and a half I guess..Got a lot done today and submitted for some jobs..Being a starving artist would be more fun if I had money. Just a little, not too much. Here's a few pics of me pretending to be on the tech crew at Night of Too Many Stars..I had my pass made up for me after all...

Monday, October 4, 2010

Randomish stuff plus Brownies at Ray's..

I am all backed up on my blogging..due to a somewhat crazy friend Michael Shenker who've i've known since I was like 15, passed away. Kind of a shock to me-I hadn't realized he was that sick. He was in a lot of pain though, so that's over for him now at least. Ugh.

On a more cheerful note, I got into the The Night of Too Many Stars show at the Beacon..Had a backstage pass made up for me even, but the show was was kinda for a joke. The show was really funny though..Chris Rock, David Letterman, Robin Williams, Sarah Silverman, Jim Gaffigan, Tracy Morgan, Stephen Colbert, Steve Carell, Jon Stewart, and even damn Paul Simon was on it..It'll be on TV on the 19th or something..and I just ruined all the surprise guests for you all! SURPRISE! I'll post pics next blog maybe..just a bunch of me pretending I was on the tech crew..none of celebs though..just little old me..

Anyway the first pic is of the kid who started Facebook..That damn Social Network film has gotten so many great reviews, I gotta go see it this week.

Then at Ray's, he's got a t-shirt special going on..Plus, the lovely Amy is back and selling cheesecake brownies which I hear are delicious. I don't eat food or I would try one. Food is for the weak!

Then my friend made this pic of me as a favorite show Chimp Eden about a chimp sanctuary is an obsession for me..You really get involved with these chimps and their problems and personalities..Cozy is my fave-he's nuts! Well, tomorrow i'll be at Tell Your Friends at Lolita Bar, then Odessa Bar..maybe Bowery too..which is why tonight I pretty much just met a friend at Mars for one beer then came home to blog. There's a lot of bar to go to tomorrow. At least i've been going to the gym a if only I would get some calls for Aftra jobs..sigh..