Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Continuing story of Carla Rhodes!

Man, I haven't blogged in a long ass time! Can't say I've been working too much..not much AFTRA work for me lately..Bah. Sloooow time I guess. Or I just plain old suck! But i've been to a buttload of open mics and shows lately..even got into the wrap party for John Leguizamo's film FUGLY...which was fun AND very swanky! I think I ate lobster but they had an open bar with vodka so who knows..John L remembered me though and said he plans to listen to my CD soon..

Anypoop, I went to Arlene's Grocery the other night and saw my friend Carla Rhodes do her act for the first time..She mixes songs and the story of her quest for fame in NYC with ventriloquism. Very unique act! It was really impressive..It's about following your dreams..and I dream about her dummy Cecil every night..What a hottie with a body!

Here are a few clips from the show! Go catch her act if you can!


  1. Thanks for turning me on to Carla Rhodes! I love her act! I like what I call modern vaudeville. I started a band about five years ago (Stern Berling and the Berltones) where each of us played characters. The main joke was that Stern was the bass player who never showed up because he was always drunk and with hookers (we didn't have a bass player). I was a 70-something guy ("Jingles" Mahoney) from Brooklyn, an old-school performer who told off-color jokes and was naturally politically incorrect. We wore costumes and played gypsy jazz versions of jazz songs, rock songs, and novelty songs I wrote. We broke up about two years ago, but the one guitar player still accompanies me when I do I wanted to compliment Carla Rhodes' act and thank you for telling me about her, and what do I end up doing? Talking about me! Jeesh, what an ego...anyway, "JIngles" could get away with saying things I couldn't say, and everyone loved our band, especially me...

  2. Sounds pretty good! And yes, Carla is awesome!

  3. I had a Danny O'Day® ventriloquist's dummy (sorry, Cecil, but sometimes a spade is a spade) when I was a kid, and I had a Paul WInchell and Jerry Mahoney (I think it was) record giving beginning instruction in ventriloquism; I learned more by watching Winchell and Mahoney on Ed Sullivan, though. I was never any good at faking certain consonants or throwing my voice, but I was pretty good at the comedic aspects of the art form. I was intrigued at how I could get away with saying certain things as Danny O'Day that I wouldn't have been able to get away with as myself. I would entertain my parents' friends when they came over, and I could be somewhat insulting to them, at times; this was all under the guise of humor, of course. There was Howdy Doody and Buffalo Bob (probably the most popular children's show of the day) when I was too little to care about TV; but, later on, my favorite was Sheri Lewis and Lamb Chop. I had a Lamb Chop sock puppet, and I preferred sock puppets to the O'Day dummy; I felt I could get more expression out of a sock puppet. I still have a Mr. Ed hand puppet I got when I was about five; it has a pull cord that activates a little phono record of several Mr. Ed phrases like, "Who has a horse face?!" and "the phone is ringing, shall I answer?" and "I'll be the horse and you be the buggy!" It still works (I guess because I enjoyed making up my own dialogue instead of using the recorded expressions). I seem to remember having a Topo Gigio (the mouse) puppet somewhere along the way. One could say puppets are in my past...I still play with the Mr. Ed puppet...

  4. Har! You leave the best comments of anyone..not that I get that many-but yours are the best ones. Have you given in to Facebook yet? It's pretty fun..and i Do twitter now too..So many sites to offensive on's like heaven..i've been kinda forgetting to blog cause Twitter is hysterical if you "follow" all comedians..and FB is pretty fun..

  5. Awwh, shucks (looks down and shuffles feet)...well, you, you know, yours is the best blog ever!

    I got bored with Myspace™ a little over a year and a half ago, then I couldn't seem to make that leap over to FB; it seemed kind of pedestrian compared to Myspace™. Anyway, I don't have a smart phone (my cell phone was dropped on his head when he was very young), so Twitter™ seems like I'd have to carry my laptop everywhere. I mean, I do now, but merely as an anachronistic affectation. I only go online at home or near the library or coffee shop (although I haven't done that for a long, long while). I never really thought about "following" comedians, though. That could be fun. I wonder if "tweeting" can be considered in violation of a restraining order? Oh well, you young people, with your Twitter™, your Beatles, your long hair and your free love...I guess I just can't keep up...I have only three blogs I keep up with and e-mail. I still have message alerts from Myspace™. I don't even like texting; it just seems like my mind can't get around a verb that should be a noun...